Swedish furniture designs are known for their clean line pattern with minimalist ornamentation and optimum functionality. Such designs started making their importance felt among the patrons of high-class furniture with the hands of designers like Anders Beckman, Bruno Mathsson and Astrid Sampe. If you have a penchant for vintage look, Gustavian furniture can be the right choice for furnishing your living room. The shabby chic appeal of the sofa sets or recliners can raise hue and cry among your friends for your aesthetic bent.

Eclectic Kids Bedroom with Swedish Furniture

eclectic kids bedroom with swedish furniture


Traditional Swedish Painted Dining Table

traditional swedish painted dining table


Traditional Bedroom with Swedish Bed

traditional bedroom with swedish bed


A lot of changes have taken place in Swedish furniture designs but still diversity is given paramount importance as far as designs of furniture are concerned. Mid-century Modern furniture focuses more on keeping the size into scale to give you the feel of openness at your interior. Sofas with high resilience foam tufted cushions and polyester lining and leggy stools with ottoman can bring the essence of a perfect Swedish interior in your living room.

Traditional Living Room Pattern Designed Furniture

traditional living room pattern designed furniture


Shabby Chic Style Living Room with Swedish Furniture

shabby chic style living room with swedish furniture

Designed by Howard Bankston

Contemporary Dining Room Designed Furniture

contemporary dining room designed furniture


Swedish Designed Furniture in Dining Room

swedish designed furniture in dining room


Bright White Furniture in Traditional Living Room

bright white furniture in traditional living room


For a tad cluttered or unkempt look in your living room, try using punch of bright hues amidst the dominant neutral palette of your interior. Wish to go for a complete renovation of your master bedroom not being a spendthrift? A Queen Bed of bleached Mahogany at the backdrop of beige walls and a chest of 6 drawers or a dressing table with hidden drawers can be your best retreat at the end of the day.

Shabby Chic Style Furniture in Living Room

shabby chic style furniture in living room


Modern Bedroom With Swedish Furniture

modern bedroom with swedish furniture


Eclectic Living Room With Well Designed Furniture

eclectic living room with well designed furniture

Photo by Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

Swedish Gray Furniture in Traditional Bedroom

swedish gray furniture in traditional bedroom


Transitional Family Room With Well Designed Furniture

transitional family room with well designed furniture


Colorful Swedish Furniture Victorian Living Room

colorful swedish furniture victorian living room


Midcentury Living Room With Stylish Furniture

midcentury living room with stylish furniture


Traditional Kids Room With White Painted Furniture

traditional kidsroom with white painted furniture


Swedish Designed Bed in Traditional Bedroom

swedish designed bed in traditional bedroom


Common Room With Swedish Sofa Design

common room with swedish sofa design


Contemporary Living Room With Swedish Inlaid Cabinets

contemporary living room with swedish inlaid cabinets


Neutral Room with Swedish Designed Sofa

neutral room with swedish designed sofa


Swedish Furniture in Scandinavian Living Room

swedish furniture in scandinavian living room


Considering your budget and need, you can consult an interior designer if you plan to refurnish your habitat with Swedish furniture. A well-planned interior is an owner’s pride, neighbour’s envy!

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