A warm and grand interior for homes needs personalisation. People crave for picture-perfect settings for their rooms, and you can get a touch of antiquity in the room when you choose the accessories to perfection. When you look out for customised indoor accessories, vintage floor lamps turn out to be a majestic match for antiquity lovers. People customise the choice of floor lamp according to their aptitudes. Here are ten vintage floor lamp designs that will live up to your expectations.

Tall Vintage Floor Lamp

tall vintage floor lamp


In many homes, sitting rooms with low ceilings look beautiful. You can install a tall vintage floor lamp that almost reaches up to the top of the curtains. The room is painted white, with white-based sitting arrangements. The lamp, with a steel body, looks majestic when it is placed beside the sofa.

Vintage Wooden Floor Lamp

vintage wooden floor lamp


Wooden lamps are inherent in grand beauty. You can get in touch with a wooden floor lamp that rests on a tripod when you have a lot of matching furniture in the room. It complements the brown leather furniture and dark frame around the mirror. White walls look great in the bright light of the lamp. You can also see Pipe Lamp Designs

Vintage Brass Floor Lamp

vintage brass floor lamp


Narrow living rooms need sleek furniture. This brass floor lamp has a vintage look, yet it goes well with spotless white walls. The dark stand has perfect compatibility with the black chairs and white drapes in the room. The lamp has a white shed and looks tailored for the room.

Vintage Stiffel Floor Lamp

vintage stiffel floor lamp


Even a modern room looks outstanding when you choose the right vintage floor lamp. This particular room with modern wall color and sofas look beautiful with a narrow stiffer floor lamp. Place it on a tiled floor in a well-furnished room. The natural daylight streaming through the tall glass panes make the lamp gorgeous.

Crystal Vintage Floor Lamp

crystal vintage floor lamp


A traditionally designed room with wooden floors and the white leather sofa looks sophisticated when you get a crystal vintage floor lamp for the room. Place it on the side of the sofa, and it goes well with the square old-fashioned clocks. The Retro Style Lamp is ideal for people who crave for a natural vintage look in their sitting rooms.

Art Decor Vintage Floor Lamp

art deco vintage floor lamp


Art lovers enjoy a royal look in their living rooms. You can strike the perfect match when you buy the artistically moulded vintage floor lamp. The golden colour has a good combination with white walls and black furniture in the room.

Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp

vintage industrial floor lamp


When you have a grey room with brown furniture, you can incorporate the vintage industrial floor lamp which has a flexible stand. It is white in colour and goes well with the white chairs and walls in the room. The painted concrete floors enjoy the right combination of this setting.

Victorian Vintage Floor Lamp

victorian vintage floor lamp


This is another graceful design for antiquity lovers. You can enjoy a vintage look with the royal wood-colored lamp in the room. It has a curved stand and a black shade. The raw wood color looks sophisticated. Above all, the metal fireplace delivers the perfect Victorian interior to the room.

Vintage Wrought Iron Floor Lamp

vintage wrought iron floor lamp

Design by Professional Design Consultants

Houses with great architectural styles deserve a stunning interior. With the golden hue adorning the rooms, a vintage wrought iron floor lamp yields the royal beauty of the room. Place it beside the staircase with iron rails to strike the right contrast.

Vintage Pendant Floor Lamp

vintage pendant floor lamp


Tradition and modern living room traits have the perfect co-existence when you install a Pendant Lamp in a stand in the room. The grey textured carpet and sofas make the room even more elegant. With white walls and light-colored floors, it looks sleek and beautiful.

Vintage White Floor Lamp

vintage white floor lamp


Vintage Floor Stick Lamp Idea

vintage flooring stick lamp idea


Vintage Floor Purple Lamp

vintage floor purple lamp


Vintage Floor Candle Lamp Idea

vintage floor candler lamp idea


Modern Vintage Floor Lamp

modern vintage floor lamp

Design by Coddington Design

Vintage Traditional Floor Lamp Idea

vintage traditional floor lamp idea

Design by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Vintage Creative Floor Lamp Design

vintage gray room floor lamp idea


Simple Vintage Flooring Lamp Idea

simple vintage flooring lamp idea


When you personalise your rooms with the best vintage floor lamps, take the other indoor accessories and furniture into account. There are wooden, metal, plastic and other materials used in a Modern Table Lamp. You may have your own ideas with these lamp designs that you have incorporated into your rooms. Well, you can share them with us if you please.

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