Modern table lamps designed in contemporary style focuses on finesse and grace. With the use of innovative technology, these lamps are designed in a way that represents the urban era artistry. If your house is designed in contemporary style, these modern table lamps will escalate the charm of your interiors instantly.

1. Botti Table Light

botti table light

This delightfully sleek model from Delightful is a handcrafted piece. Detailing a wind instruments this piece will up the oomph factor of your walk-in closet.

2. Kundalini Abyss Table Lamp by Osko and Deichmann

kundalini abyss table lamp by osko and deichmann


A fabulous design from Osko and Deichmann, Kundalini, this lamp is called the Abyss. Inspired by the vertebrate structure, this lamp invokes an atmosphere of the deep ocean.

3. Barry Table Lamp

barry table lamp

As simple as its name, this modern-retro-contemporary table lamp will be perfect for your reading table or your bedside table. Charming to look and highly efficient!

4. The Blow Table Lamp

the blow table lamp1

Described as “Brilliant, Contemporary and Fun”, this one from Sklar furnishing get full-marks for it’s design and functionality.

5. The Classic Twist

the classic twist

A classic twist to our old table lamp. The gold plated gun holding up the bulb and shed reminds one of a scene from a classic western movie. Perfect for a themed bedroom, this table lamp is up for grabs!

6. Table Turner inspired by Tina Turner

turner table light

Another brilliant piece from Delightfull! We couldn’t turn our heads away from this piece. Marvellous in design and execution, this piece inspired by the iconic Tina Turner is a total “head-turner”.

7. Miles Table Light

miles table light

Comes in three different colors, this Miles table Lamp is sleek, contemporary and sophisticated in design. The gold plated stand with the double white shade is easy on the eye and will light up any monochromatic bedroom.

8. Diana Table Lamp

diana table lamp

A modern touch to a vintage design, this lamp, true to it’s name, reminds you of the iconic Princess Diana in style and finesse.

9. The Dioscuri Table Lamps

the dioscuri table lamps

Light on the pocket, beautiful in design, what more can we say? This Dioscuri table lamp is a minimalist piece which is fast catching up as the preferred lighting option.

10. John Richard Antler Brass 32 1/2-Inch-H Modern Table Lamp

john richard antler brass

The description reads “designed after the real elk antlers”, this brass table lamp from John Richard Lighting is inspired by nature. It will definitely add an extra dose of elegance to your bedroom or dining hall.

11. Monument for a Bulb

monument for a bulb

A work of art, the Monument for a bulb is a modern piece. Designed by Ingo Maurer, this table lamp features the Edison type bulb and pays tribute to Thomas Edison’s carbon filament light bulbs invented in 1879.

12. Tree of Light: Kyoto Table Lamp

tree of light kyoto table lamp

This is another piece inspired by nature. The Kyoto table Lamp is unique in style and is inspired by the Japanese garden.

13. The Show Pony

the show pony

The Show Pony from the Cheval Collection is a winner! Crafted in fine brass, this table lamp exudes luxury and class. We couldn’t have missed out on this one.

Table Lamps are great for creating a perfect ambience. It can be used as a decor item, to make a statement or just for lighting.

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