A bedroom is one of the most personalized chambers of a home. The best blend of romanticism and comfort can be incorporated in a Modern Bedroom through appropriate installation of furniture, lights and bedding accessories. The floor colour and wall colour also has a decisive role to play in a modern bedroom. Tastes of people are evolving with time, and aptitudes are following the suit. Here are ten ideas that you will find beneficial when you look out for a master bedroom design at your home. You may also See Modern Bedroom Interior Designs

Modern Master Bedroom Design

Master bedrooms have traditionally been incorporated into homes. For a change, you can place the bed in the centre of the room and get a floral wallpaper for the master bedroom. You can also incorporate a sliding cupboard designed to accommodate a television set. This will provide you with substantial storage space in the room.

modern master bedroom design


Modern Small Bedroom Design

If you have a small bedroom, place the bed in a corner to utilize the space economically. Paint the walls white and arrange well-polished wooden decks. You can also buy floor and wall cabinet for the room. Use rest of the space to place other furniture and sofas. Minimise the sitting accessories to the minimum to make it look spacious.

modern small bedroom design

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Modern Bedroom Furniture

Apart from the bed, the accommodation of bedroom furniture is crucial in a modern bedroom. Get a small cabinet-cum table adjacent to the bed. It can provide you with the necessary storage space for essential accessories. You can also opt for a wall cabinet cum-showcase to add a touch of urban essence in the bedroom furniture.

modern bedroom furniture

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Modern Teen Bedroom Design

Teens are fond of funky bedrooms. Arrange for cool lights around the study table. Get colourful themes based on light shades like green and sky blue for the teens. Cubical decks or wall cabinets in a matching colour will provide the desired storage space to the teens.

modern teen bedroom design

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Modern Girls Bedroom Design

You can incorporate the girls bedroom ideas when you design a bedroom for them. Girls are fond of pink, so incorporate the pink colour in the beds and bedding accessories. You can also get pink and white-based wallpapers for the room. Fix some Barbie stickers on the furniture and put up some fancy photo-frames for them.

modern girls bedroom design

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White Modern Bedroom Design Idea

If you have a refined taste, you may opt for a white bedroom. Spotless white walls look sophisticated, and you can complement them with a white bedcover and other accessories. Choose the white colour with black frame for other furniture to create a contrast. You may also See Minimalist Bedroom Designs

white modern bedroom design idea

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Modern Bedroom Lighting Idea

When you deal with modern bedroom lighting, create a perfect mix of functionalism and looks. You may prefer the soft hue of indirect lights along the edges of the ceiling, or the brilliant wall lights that add a romantic flavour to your lifestyle. Table lamps and pendant lights can also be incorporated in the bedroom.

modern bedroom lighting idea

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Modern Men’s Bedroom

If you want to design a bedroom for men, get dark coloured walls or incorporate themed wall papers in the room. A thick formal carpet on the floor can add to the elegance. A leather sofa and hardwood chairs are ideal for this purpose.

modern mens bedroom


Kid’s Modern Bedroom Design

Kids are inclined to vibrant lifestyles, so incorporate as much colour as possible in their bedrooms. Buy a single bed or double-decked bed, as per the necessity. Get themed bedrooms with cartoon characters in solid colours. Combinations with black, blue and red can be judiciously used or designing the study table, storage accessories and so on.

kids modern bedroom design

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Black and White Modern Bedroom Idea

The black and white colours enjoy a good chemistry, especially when they are used in a bedroom. Get a white bedcover with black borders and paint the walls white. Black frames for the furniture and bed looks good. A black and white cabinet or other storage furniture can also boost up the looks of your bedroom. You may also See Bedroom Furniture Designs

black and white modern bedroom idea

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Tips for decorating a modern bedroom

  • If you have a small bedroom, get a dark-coloured wallpaper which can make the room look larger than reality.
  • Choose a particular theme for the bedroom. You can opt for floral themes, vegetation themes and themes based on terrains for the walls, bedding accessories and other furniture.
  • Customize the lights based on your requirements. You can get soft ceiling lights of bright pendant lights for the purpose.
  • Install small single decks on the walls to enhance the looks of the bedroom. You can place books and other accessories here to get a cultured look in the room.

The taste and aptitudes of people being different, one needs to get the bedrooms personalized. Modern bedroom themes comprise of a vast plethora of elements, including lights, floor colour, wallpaper and soon. You can incorporate the desired elements for a small bedroom. If you have new modern bedroom ideas, feel free to share them with us.

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