Half-toning is considered to be the best solution for screen printing projects. It is achieved by duplicating an existing image using several colors dots of varying sizes. The bigger the dots, the darker the imaged and less the details and the closer and smaller the dots, the more detailed is the reproduction. Depending on the design needs and the creativity of the designer, halftone effects can be put to amazing graphics usage, especially if you are looking to come up with geometric patterns. Here are some examples of halftone patterns that you can take cue from or even use it in your final designs. You may also see Line Patterns

Geometric Halftone Patterns

geometric halftone patterns

Easy to use, this series of pixilated halftone effects can be an incredible addition to your design. Available in four basic geometric patterns including squares, rectangles, circles and diamonds, you will easily be able to give a unique effect to your design/picture. This is perfect to be used for any screen printing job.

Seamless Halftone Patterns

seamless halftone patterns

This set of twelve vector halftone patterns will be an artistic tool for designers looking to create a vintage work. The patterns come in different geometric styles, ranging from the classic circles to the unusual triangles and grunge.

Black and White Halftone Pattern

black and white halftone pattern

This is an incredible abstract created by halftone effect. The image creates 3D like effect and can be a serious unique surprise o your project. The tubular illusion is created by the use of different sized circular patterns in a flowy gradient. If you are looking to create a wormhole or any kind of flowy effect, this would be the perfect tool for it.

Seamless Tiled Halftone Patterns

seamless tiled halftone patterns

This is a basic but incredibly unique package of thirty halftone tiled patterned that can be used with Adobe image editing applications. The patterns are easily customizable and offered in high quality for maximum editing.

Linear Halftone Pattern

linear halftone pattern

Creating a halftone rendition of your picture just got easier. Using this AI file you can convert any design or photograph into its halftone version. Further, you get twenty different patterns to choose from, making this a really useful investment for any designer.

Green and Yellow Halftone Pattern

green and yellow halftone pattern

The combination of green and yellow in a halftone gradient is achieved beautifully in this pattern. Well, you can use it in your own design project too. Available in 300 dpi, the pattern is completely customizable and scalable.

Vintage Halftone Pattern

vintage halftone pattern

Featuring 45 different halftone patterns in several geometric combinations, this would be a toolset that should make any graphic designer smile. The application provides a wide range of opportunities.You may also see Mosaic Pattrens

Grunge Halftone Print Pattern

grunge halftone print pattern

Halftone Patterns

halftone patterns

Halftone Dot Pattern

halftone dot pattern

Orange Halftone Pattern

orange halftone pattern

Halftone Pattern Gray

halftone pattern gray

Halftone Offset Pattern

halftone offset pattern

Vector Halftone Pattern

vector halftone pattern

Vector Dots and Halftone Pattern

vector dots and halftone pattern

Wave Halftone pattern

wave halftone pattern

Halftones are a common way to spice up your graphics and create an element of surprise. Well, this collection of distressed patterns should take care of your next project comfortable! Do let us know if you are looking for any other kind of check patterns.

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