Imagine spending your free time lounging on a sofa. Now imagine that you can spend your sleeping hours on it too. Convenient, isn’t it? Well, day beds are convenient. They combine a sofa and a bed all in one, giving you a piece of furniture that saves you both space and money. Most day beds have either hidden storage space beneath them or a hidden pop-up trundle for an extra bed in case of need.You may also See Girl’s Bedroom Designs

Outdoor Daybed Idea

Invest on a double daybed for your patio. It is ideal for sunny lazy days that you can spend with your family or friends. Add a big umbrella for shade and pillows in bright colors to give a tropical style to your garden

outdoor daybed idea

White Daybed Design

You can put a daybed in bedrooms too. Use neutral tones in coloring and add a white daybed for endless hours of relaxation. This white girl’s daybed complements the dark shades of brown giving a romantic style. Keep the accessorizing of the room simple for a more elegant approach.

white daybed design

Diy Daybed Design

In case you want to make a daybed on your own, this is a simple and practical idea. All you need are wood slates for the seat and headboard, wheels for easy transfer and a plush mattress. You can also divide the space underneath for extra storage space.

diy daybed design

Hanging Wooden Daybed Idea

This is the best replacement for the classic swing. It gives you more space for lounging in your garden or in your patio. The feeling of being in the air adds a dreamy sensation every time you lounge in this hanging daybed.

hanging wooden daybed idea

Wooden Day Bed Design

A wooden daybed is always a classy addition for your space. You can choose a fold out piece that you can always hide away when you don’t need it. This is a functional choice for your home office that gives you a space to relax between work hours.

wooden day bed design

Double Daybed Idea

This is a great choice for your pool. This double daybed gives you a comfortable space that you can share with your loved ones. Accessorize it with a couple pillows for color and you are set for relaxing sunny days beside your pool.

double daybed idea

Patio Daybed

This one is smart and useful. You can get square lounge chairs that when combined together they create a comfy daybed you can use anytime you want to lounge in your patio. The wood will match with your space and bring out the beauty of your patio. You may also See Kids Bed Designs

patio daybed

Modern Porch Daybed

If you want to lounge on your porch or even sleep outside during hot summer nights, this is the daybed for you. The wood gives the natural style that blends with environment, while the plush mattress makes spending time on it comfy.

modern porch daybed

Exterior Daybed Idea

You can extend the interior of your house to your patio by using a simple twin daybed. Place pillows in earthy colors and plants that will make it the most relaxing place around your home.

exterior daybed idea

Design by Urrutia

Wooden Deck Daybed

For your wooden deck you can place a daybed made from same, but in lighter shade, material. It is ideal for pool side furniture that you can lounge and even sleep. Place it under shade for safer and out of the sun sleep time. You may also See Bed Designs

wooden deck daybed

Daybeds save space, especially in small apartments, and gives you extra storage place. You can always build one and experiment with accessories like pillows and blankets to give it a different and interesting style for you. It goes well in both interior and exterior spaces giving you plenty of options.

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