For illusion-makeup, creativity is very important. You will be showcasing an imaginary character which is created by you, your makeup must represent the character. The eye makeup is very important, you will be expressing on the stage more through your eyes. If the makeup for the eye is dull and less, people in the crowd cannot see your expressions in the stage light. Use the perfect shades to look pretty even in with a zombie makeup.

Optical Illusion Makeup

optical illusion makeup


Optical illusion makeups are quite tricky and look amazing after it is complete. The color shades can vary from light to dark. It requires a lot of creativity to do this makeup as the stroke has to be the same on both the sides of the face.

Creative makeup is what requires for a Halloween day. You might get ready like a witch or a fairy all it matters is how well you have done it. Copper and silver color on her face is painted in a very creative manner depicting the automation theme. You may also see Crazy Makeup Designs

Colorful Illusion Makeup

colorful illusion makeup


Colorful illusion makeup is done using random colors. The color tones are matched accordingly. You can try the rainbow colors for a bright effect and it can be done based on any themes related to the occasion.

Cartoon Illusion Makeup

cartoon illusion makeup


Something funny and good looking art is always used for the cartoon illusion makeup. The complete face is used to illustrate the character, the textures used for the nose and tongue makes it look animated. Each feature of the cartoon character is clearly shown.

The Kenya look is perfectly suited for him. Thickening the brows is always mandatory for any makeup. If you thicken the brows the eyes are also high lightened. The shape of the nose is also changed through makeup by making it look fat and light in colour.

Half Face Illusion Makeup Idea

half face illusion makeup idea


Only creative people can think something beyond the usual face painting. This amazing half face illusion is very beautiful. A half face is used naturally and the rest half is created like the nose and the lips. Illusion makeup is always the prize winning.

Illusion Zombie Makeup

illusion zombie makeup


Always using the regular zombie faces are less interesting. Trying something new which makes you get goosebumps when you see the zombie face painting is the challenge. The hollow-eyed man looks very spooky and can scare you even in your dreams.

Illusion Eye Makeup Design

illusion eye makeup design


In illusion eye makeup it is always mandatory to make the eyes look bright with attractive. Goggles made of animal texture! It is a painting. Two skulls are drawn on the eyes, they are filled with cheetah and zebra texture.

Creative Illusion Neck Makeup

creative illusion neck makeup


There are no limits for a human’s imagination. Anything you create which is beautiful and follows a theme is an illusion. On a neck, you can do many creative designs like a throat cut, blood pouring from the throat, animal chase and much more.

Unique Illusion Makeup Idea

unique illusion makeup idea


Try something different from the regular animal and zombie makeups. Use some creativity and design your new style for the makeup. Always make it a point to make the eye portion look attractive, its shows the character in your eye. You can find two different facial expressions created on the face. You may also see Demon Makeup Ideas

Illusion face Paint Makeup

illusion face paint makeup


Creative Illusion Eye Makeup

creative illusion eye makeup


Simple Illusion Makeup

simple illusion makeup


Innovative Illusion Face Paint Makeover

innovative illusion face paint makeover


Black and White Illusion Makeup

black and white illusion makeup


Wearing a makeup is common in today’s world, as everyone knows the basic art of doing it. Creating something new and looking elegant is what the trend suggests. For example, try out the cat makeup for a Halloween party. Face painting is also a part of makeup with a mixture of varied colours and designs.

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