From pouts to raised brows to sexy winks, we have nearly perfected the art of taking photos of ourselves aka selfies in this digital age. It is not just the widely popular selfie stick, there are a lot more gadgets that a true selfie lover would prefer to keep in handy for the random and purposive moments. Making your selfies all the more unique and special, we have today compiled a list of 10 gifts that a selfie lover would love to boast among their socially active circle.

1. AirSelfie



AirSelfie is a miniature drone that captures pictures from a distance. Making the process of taking a selfie unique and easier, the AirSelfie is a flying camera with four wheels that can be controlled on iOS and Android devices via its recommended app. Just click on the selfie mode for enjoying taking natural and hassle-free selfies.

2. Selfie Stick

selfie stick

selfie stick1

2015 saw the rise of selfie sticks and their ability to capture large group photos. And, ever since its creation, many alterations and modifications have been executed to make the product more enjoyable. Ben Stiller at the premiere of his film Zoolander 2 broke the world record by clicking the photo with a 28-foot long selfie stick.

3. Ergonomic Smartphone Camera Grips

ergonomic smartphone camera grips

ergonomic smartphone camera grips1

Pictar a product recently designed by Miggo enables to access and use your smartphone just like the controls of a DSLR. As the smartphone photography has become very prominent among the users, this smartphone camera grip allows you to click high-quality photos right from your iPhone with complete ease. The grips offer the users with DSLR-like controls which include features like zoom ring, a multi-state shutter button, a smart wheel, an exposure compensation wheel, a tripod mount and even a designated selfie button.

4. Built-In Selfie Stick Phone Cases

built in selfie stick phone cases

built in selfie stick phone cases1

FLIP IT is a multifunctional iPhone case that comes with a built-in selfie stick. Portable and easy to use, the FLIP IT iPhone with inbuilt selfie stick also features a kickstand and a detachable Bluetooth remote for taking timed photos.

5. Illuminating Phone Cases

illuminating phone cases1

This professional selfie minded phone case comes with a soft, dimmable light for both cameras on your iPhone. The 18 powerful LEDs are powered by a rechargeable battery, all compact in a thin case. The illuminating phone case by Panda is a perfect option to take memorable photographs even in bad lighting conditions.

6. Selfie Stick Clutch Bags

selfie stick clutch bags

selfie stick clutch bags1

The selfie clutch doesn’t just keep your belongings to the bare minimal but also comes with a secret compartment on the bottom which is perfectly sized for a selfie stick. The clutch is currently available on Kickstarter and comes in a variety of color options.

7. POV Selfie Sticks

pov selfie sticks

pov selfie sticks1

Capturing a complete 180 to 360-degree view, the device comes with extended rods that help to enhance the photographs clicked by the smartphone. The device is ideal for adventure and travel enthusiasts who wish to capture selfies with wide landscapes on the background.

8. Selfie Singing Toys

selfie singing toys

The Selfie Mic is a new singing toy launched by Moose Toys. Combining the features of a selfie stick and a handheld karaoke machine, the Selfie Mic allows the handler or user to imagine themselves as a pop star. The Selfie Mic also makes a great gift for the kids.

9. Flying Selfie Drones

flying selfie drones

If regular selfie sticks are a lot to handle, flying selfie drones might be the solution to your handling hassles. This flying camera robot connects with the smartphones so you can remain constantly connected without the need of any additional device for proper usage. The ROAM-e is designed to always stay within 25 meters of the smartphone, which further extends the connect with the user.

10. Flexible Vlogging Tripods

flexible vlogging tripods

flexible vlogging tripods1

Specifically created for vlogging, Bendy is designed by considering the challenging art form that is video blogging on YouTube. The tripod can wrap around railings and the modular legs adjust well with varied height preferences helping you take the perfect shot for your viewers.

If you or your beloved friend is a selfie lover, we hope to have given you an excellent idea of what to gift yourself or them for the birthday this year.

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