Do you know where I kept the knife
Oh god, I cannot find the spoon.
If this happens with you more often, we know the trouble and irritation that comes with it. The multiple loose pieces of cutlery often get lost or misplaced between the big sets and appliances in the kitchen.
So, in order to make your kitchen life a bit more organized, we have come up with 8 smart ways to help you organize the inside of your drawers for maximum utilization of the space.

Pegboard Dividers

peg board divider


Pegboard divider acts as a great unit to organize the plates and other crockery items in your kitchen. The divider can be a great source for adding space to your drawers. A peg board customized and fitted to the size of your drawers along with dowels can be used to store your dishes. You are never going to lose the miscellaneous pieces of your kitchen ever again

Vertical Cutlery Storage

vertical cultry storage


If your drawer is deep adding a vertical cutlery storage can be the best way to organize your silverware. Vertical installation helps to double the amount of storage space available

Diagonal Drawer Dividers

diagonal drawer dividers


Diagonal drawer divider is another way to instantly add space to your drawer. An insert like this will give you a lot of space to store all your gear

Knife Block Inserts

knife block inserts


If you have multiple sizes and types of knives in your kitchen, knife block inserts come in very handy to solve the purpose of storage. You can either have it custom made or buy a readymade knife block insert for your drawers.

Spice Block Inserts

spice block inserts


Does your palate say- flavourful? Then you must have a variety of spice boxes in your house. An easy way to organize and keep them all compact in one place would be to install spice block inserts in your drawer. You can either make it yourself or buy spice rack inserts for drawers

DIY Dentil Molding Dividers

dentil molding dividers


This is another easy and useful dividers to insert in your drawers. You can easily make them yourself with few pieces of acrylic or another material cut to size. If you don’t want to make them yourself, the molding dividers are easily available at any home store at reasonable prices.

Tension Rod Dividers

tension rod dividers


Tension rod dividers can be a very useful unit for organizing your kitchenware.

Shoe Box Organizers

shoebox organiser in kitchen


Well, if everything else seems unnecessary then you can make use of the empty shoeboxes or other cardboard boxes lying around in your house. You can use them to sort out your essentials in closet or just to sort out small pieces in your kitchen

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