Coffee is a common favorite beverage of most of the people in the world. A great cup of coffee is a bliss and if you agree to this you would also agree that a coffee machine is a first step towards that bliss. Coffee machines are used at homes, at cafes and restaurants and play a very important role in how the coffee turn out. Depending on the usage they come in various shapes and sizes. Since it is an important and one-time investment we suggest that you invest in a high-end coffee machine. We have listed few examples of high-end coffee machines below.

9. The Frank Evolution ($18,000)

The Swiss made coffee machine, The Frank Evolution, comes with some solid features. It is fully automatic, comes with a top-of-the-line boiler, an illuminated LCD, adjustable coffee dispenser, self-cleaning refrigerator, two precision burr grinders, stainless steel cup warmer, and a steam wand. The machine is easy and convenient to handle and you don’t have to do much work. One of the priciest coffee machines, but with the quality of coffee that you get is priceless.

8. Elektra Belle Epoque ($18,000)

For people who can’t resist the charm of vintage and a great coffee. First of all the machine looks epic! It is something you would definitely like to flaunt in front of your guest during a high class event. The machine comes with six programmable doses of coffee and will certainly not disappoint a coffee lover.

7. The Rancilio Classe 10 ($18,500)

This is a perfect commercial coffee machine. In fact you can use it for your personal space too if you have similar coffee enthusiasts who keep coming over. This is a top class coffee machine with all the barista level features. It has also been bestowed with USB facility that lets you control it simply via a software.

6. The Concordia Express 6 ($ 19,000)

If you haven’t got the idea from the name, let’s make it clear for you this machine can prepare your coffee in a jiffy. You do not have to wait for more than few seconds. It has two high capacity hoppers, a refrigerator and an Express Jet flavor system. With so much in one machine no wonder it allows you to prepare around 1,000 drink combination. Espresso or latte it’s all instantly ready.

5. The Siphon Bar ($ 20,000)

This coffee machine not only makes coffee but also provide quite some spectacle for coffee lovers. Lights and action! This coffee maker make use of halogen light that provides the heat. The built and design give it a lab appliance feel. The method of coffee making in this coffee machine is a little complicated and an experience in itself. So if you are in San Francisco or New York City do give a visit to Blue Bottle Cafe for the ultimate coffee making experience.

4. Under Counter Espresso Machine

Also known as the UCEM, the machine has been created by a Seattle based company MAVAM.
This can be a stylish installment for your home or kitchen to be specific. The design is unique and the machine has been crafted with hands.

3. Victoria Arduino Black Eagle VA 388

Interesting fact: This is the official machine of the World Barista Championship 2015-2017. The quality and performance is impressive and the looks are heavenly. Founded in 1905, the intent behind the machine was to simply Barista’s job.

2. Kees Van Der Westen Mirage $6,700

One of the most beautiful design showcased in the list, this premium machine can impress even the non-coffee lovers. Just like the appearance the quality of the coffee that you get with this is rare and rich.

1. The Javabot ($1,000,000)

This coffee machine is better known as the walk-in coffee machine. This is a custom designed coffee machine used in a coffee house called Roasting Plant in New York. This machine does everything from roasting to grinding to brewing. The machine comprises of various columns for storing coffee beans. It is from there that they are measured and transferred for roasting and grinding. The process takes 48 hours.

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