The time to get cozy and snuggle up in bed is just round the corner, and along with the opportunity to get too comfortable in the home also comes the opportunity to style and spruce up your home for this winter. Without letting you put too much effort in this lazy season, we are today listing the top 10 hottest interior design trends that are easy to implement and add as well as look equally chic and fashion forward.

1. Soft Tones of Grey

soft grey interiors

This year marks the love for neutrals and for winters the palette is certainly hues of grey. The soft grey colour along with its warmth and subtlety complements the wooden as well as pale interiors. Grey holds ample amounts of versatility to pair and contrast with several tones and other accessorising pieces.

2. Cozy Textiles

cozy textiles1

The effect of knitted textiles is getting bolder and we are now seeing the knit trend percolate into several platforms. From chunky knit dark grey wool/angora cushions in grey, creams, mochas and reds to big knit textured pouffe, adding the knit pieces in your home is getting one step closer to winter upgrade.

3. Trendy Fireplaces

trendy fireplaces

The fireplace is one the best places to gather around and really enjoy the winters. Fireplace acts as a beautiful focal point to establish the aesthetics and ambience of your room. Try and put some effort in making the fireplace a statement piece in your home by showing some style and pattern. You can even include a backyard fireplace to enjoy the weather with hot cocoa or wine and even some S’mores.

4. Artistic Lights & Decorative Candles



Try and maximise your lighting space with unusual lighting additions like decorative lights or artistic candles. Use strings of light to wrap around the indoor plants or even vases or beakers for illuminating your room in an ornamental manner. You can also use scented decorative candles with a winter theme to make your room equally lit as fragrant.

5. Checks


Traditional tartan looks good in traditional and well as modern interiors. Try and include the checks in subtle tones of green, grey, blue and cream to let your home reflect a beautiful and comfortable vibe.

6. Deep Blues

deep blue

If you wish to give your home a more colourful look this winter, you can go for deeper shades of blue like midnight blue, indigo, royal blue and inky blue. Although blue holds a cool tone but still the dark blue reflects a sophisticated vibe that matches very well with wooden accents and decorative pieces.

7. Room Dividers

room dividers

Room dividers act as great space enhancing pieces, so, if you have one large room you can place a pleasant looking room divider to create a separate space for reading books or creating a more intimate dining space. Make the most of your room with this stylish and simple installation.

8. Antique Statement Chairs

geometric black rattan chairs

Bring a twist to your space with antique statement chairs that help in introducing a timeless charm to your space. You can even go for geometric print inspired black rattan chairs in place of the usual upholstered ones.

9. Vintage Tiles

vintage tiles

Extending on the timeless trend, try and include retro tiles and moulds that reflect a historic vibe. The retro inclusion will help in bringing a distinctive upgrade to your metropolitan home.

10. A Piece of Luxurious Comfort

a piece of luxurious comfort

You can also try and include one or two luxurious comfort piece like plush, throws, rugs and cushions in your home as this can be one way to give a touch of luxury to your cosy winter improvisations.

Try and include any one of these interior design trends for the coming winters and create a home that is equally stylish and welcoming for your family and friends.

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