Today’s children are very active and they like to engage in different activities. They are also socially active, thus they know most of what’s going on around them. Gone are the days when kids are only focused on studying and playing. Now, they want to get involved. So create a room design that is appropriate with where their interests lie.

Contemporary Kids Playroom Design

contemporary kids playroom design

Kids Platform Bed With Storage Idea

kids platform bed with storage idea

Design By : Weaver Architects

Pink Bedroom Interior For Girls

pink bed room interior for girls

Bunks beds are very common for contemporary design. These beds are ideal even if you only have one child. The idea is to have an extra bed for a cousin or a friend who’s going for a sleepover.

Baby Boys Bedroom Interior

baby boys bedroom interior

Modern Children’s Room Decor Idea

modern childrens room decor idea

Contemporary Kids Bedroom Wall Design

contemporary kids bedroom wall design

Kids Plywood Playhouse Interior

plywood kids playhouse interior

Classic Kids Room Interior With Chandelier

classic kids room interior with chandelier

Disney Themed Kids Playroom

disney themed kids playroom

Kids Room With Wall Art Idea

kids room with wall art idea

Climbing Wall Design For Kids Room

climbing wall design for kids room

Contemporary Style White Bunk Beds

contemporary style white bunk beds

If you really want to go contemporary with your kid’s bedroom design, why not incorporate some of the most trendy activity accents. Include a climbing wall for that physically active child of yours. Make sure that the room’s ceiling is high enough to make the activity really exciting and adventurous.

Simple Children’s Room Furniture

simple childrens room furniture

Kids Colorful Study Room Interior

kids colorful study room interior

Adorable Kids Playroom Interior

creative kids playroom interior

Two Bed Design Ideas For Kids

two bed design ideas for kids

Sectional Room Interior Design Picture

sectional room interior design picture

Children’s Room With Small Furniture

childrens room with small furniture

Contemporary Lego Bedroom Ideas

contemporary lego bedroom ideas

It is also a good idea to include an art corner into your child’s room. Or a computer corner, if your kid is a little techy. A small library for the little bookworm. The idea here is to focus on what interests your child; on the things that would make him/her enjoy the times he/she would spend in that little haven.

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