Tattoos are cool and despite the negative connotations attached to them, a lot of people simply do not care. Name tattoos, in particular, have always been popular. Most people would rather have names printed on their skins than any other design. The main reason is that they like the fact that names are more personal. men have been known to have the names of their beloveds tattooed to prove their undying love.

Name Wrist Tattoo Idea

name wrist tattoo idea


Letter Tattoo On Arm Idea

letter tattoo on arm idea


Calligraphy Lettering Tattoo Design

calligraphy lettering tattoo design


Infinity Name Tattoo Design

infinity name tattoo design


There are many factors that should be considered if you  want a name to be tattooed on your body. The first factor is the font type, and the tattoo artist will explain how different fonts works for different letters. The most recommended fonts are the Gypsy and the Old English, as they can produce more creative designs.

Script Name Tattoo On Chest

script name tattoo on chest


The next factor is the part of the body where you want to name to appear. men usually choose to be tattooed on their chests, back and arms. While some women prefer to be inked on their back and lower legs.

Floral Name Tattoo Idea

floral name tattoo idea


Black and Gray Name Tattoo

black and gray name tattoo


Stylish Name Tattoo on Chest

stylish name tattoo on chest


Triangle Family Tattoo Idea

triangle family tattoo idea


Simple Name Tattoo on Hand

simple name tattoo on hand


Old English Name Tattoo Idea

old english name tattoo idea

Lastly, it is important to decide if you want additional designs to go with the name, or if you want it just as it is. Today, tattoo artists can come up with any design that you can think of. Thus, all you need to do is to share what’s on your mind and they can give you an illustration of how they have interpreted your idea.

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