Leo tattoos are popular especially for people who celebrate their birthdays on July 23 and August 22. Apart from being visually appealing, Leo is a sign that bears powerful meanings such as bravery, leadership, strength and power. These tattoos are for those who believe are natural born leaders, and love takes center stage. Whether you prefer your design in tribal, realistic or artistic style, in this list there is a well-designed Leo tattoo that will portray your personality. You may also See Lion Tattoo

Zodiac Leo Tattoo

Zodiac Leo tattoos represent a person who is royal, confident, action oriented, loyal and egoistic. Getting this tattoo on your hand will be a reminder of the positive traits that you have. Combining red with black ink will show your bravery and creativity.

zodiac leo tattoo


Leo Tattoo Design on Wrist

The simplicity of the Leo symbol is what makes these tattoos breathtaking. A simple zodiac symbol done with black ink is enough to make a bold statement. Apart from placing your tattoo on the wrist, you can get it done on the finger, ankle and shoulder blades.

leo tattoo designs on wrist


Leo Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are hit with many tattoo enthusiast, and you too can draw your Leo tattoo in a geometric style. Incorporate a watercolor element to make it unique and give it a personal meaning. All genders can do this tattoo.

leo geometric tattoo


Tribal Leo Tattoo Design

Tribal tattoos will never look outdated so why not show your masculine traits by getting a tribal Leo tattoo. Most men prefer to place these tattoos on the sleeves, back and upper chest. The bold lines and dark shading help the body art to stand out.

tribal leo tattoo design


Leo Symbol Tattoo

Leo symbol tattoos have an elegant look that is hard to ignore. Getting the zodiac symbol on your arm gives you the freedom to show off or hide the tattoo with a long sleeve shirt or jacket. Give your symbol roughness around the edges to show your personality. You may also See Constellation Tattoo

leo symbol tattoo


Leo tattoo Designs on Neck

Decorate your neck by getting a Leo tattoo design. Ladies can opt for a small but cute Leo symbol while men can go for a large design that portrays their masculinity. Placing this body art on the neck will definitely tell people your horoscope sign.

leo tattoo designs on neck


Leo Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo wherever placed has the power to make a bold statement. The king of the jungle carries symbolic meanings like the ruler of all animals, strength, sound judgment, ferocity, authority and dignity. Including a quote further, adds personal meaning to the tattoo.

leo lion tattoo


Leo Messi Tattoo

If you tend to get tattoo inspirations from successful athletes or celebrities, then Barcelona star player Lionel Messi has amazing tattoos that you can copy. You can even tell a story by incorporating your Leo tattoo to another design.

leo messi tattoo

Leo Tattoo Design Ideas on Finger

leo tattoo design ideas on finger


Ladies or even men who want a simple Leo tattoo should opt to draw just the zodiac symbol. The size of the symbol will depend entirely on what you prefer. A Leo tattoo design on a finger is small yet carries same symbolic meaning as its large counterpart. You may also See Tribal Tattoo

From a symbol, lion’s mane to tribal, there are endless ways in which a Leo tattoo can be done. Leo individuals are said to be attention seeking, brave and wise. So getting lion tattoos is about their visual appeal as well as deep meanings. Whatever reason you pick, these tattoos are great and will good on men as well as women.

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