Crown tattoos continue to be popular and impressive to all gender due to their high visual appeal and deep symbolic meaning. These tattoo designs are a symbol of wealth, supremacy, power and royalty. Having this tattoo will act as a reminder to keep aspiring for greater heights and have better sovereignty over your emotion, life choices and actions. Whether small, large, on the thighs, fingers, face or neck; crown tattoos can help convey your aspirations. You may also See Small Tattoo

Queen Crown Tattoo Designs

If you are a queen of your own life, then you need a queen crown tattoo to symbolize your concept. Include colored crystal or floral patterns to give your tattoo a feminine vibe. Designs that include pink color and sparkly jewels are ladylike.

Queen Crown Tattoo on Shoulder

queen crown tattoo on shoulder


Queen Crown Tattoo on Hand

queen crown tattoo on hand


King Crown Tattoo Designs

King Crown tattoos are for men who want to depict supremacy, self-reliance or good luck. These tattoos are often simple, done in black ink and will only add subtle colors. They are inked on the sleeves, chest, back or side of the neck.

Tribal Crown Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos have a long history just like crowns. These tattoos tend to show the supremacy of warrior of a particular tribe and are done in black ink using dark shadings to help the tattoos stand out. Both men and ladies can get these ink art.

Tribal Crown Tattoo on Sleeve

tribal crown tattoo on sleeve


Crown Back Tattoo Designs

Crown back tattoo designs are for individuals who want to place their ink art in a spacious less visible body area. While these tattoos look cool solo, when you incorporate other designs you enhance the appeal of your back as well as represent your life story. You may also See Wrist Tattoo

Crown Back Tattoo for Women

crown back tattoo for women


Tiara Crown Tattoo Designs

If you feel like a princess, then tiara crown tattoo are perfect for you. Most girls wear a tiara during their birthday, fancy costume party, quinceanera or when crowned as prom queens. Hence these tattoos are often a symbol of good memories and exceptional character.

Small Crown Tattoo Ideas

Is Leo your zodiac sign? If yes, then small crown tattoos are perfect for you. These tattoos are represented by the lion which is the king of the jungle hence shows immense power. Place this tattoo on the finger, behind the ear or at the back of the neck to add aesthetic appeal.

Small Crown Ring Tattoo

small crown ring tattoo


Skull With Crown Tattoo Ideas

Bestow power upon yourself by getting a crown tattoo that integrates a skull. These tattoos are more about portraying power and danger and less about adding beauty. The bold lines, dark shadings and scary nature of skulls give this body art a masculine feel which makes them ideal for guys.

Skull With Crown Tattoo on Forearm

skull with crown tattoo on forearm


Crown Tattoos on Hand

Crowns Tattoo, especially on the hand, can act as a confidence booster of those days when you are feeling low. They also make great hand tattoos that can work to enhance the beauty of your wrist. Instead of one large crown, draw many small designs around your wrist to act as a bracelet. You may also See Dice Tattoo

Traditional Crown Tattoos

Traditional crown tattoos tend to feature crowns adorned with beautiful gemstones and intricate pattern work that makes the design eye-catching. For a religious symbolic meaning add a crucifix tattoo on top of your crown.

Traditional Crown Tattoo for Men

traditional crown tattoo for men


Traditional Crown Tattoo on Hand

traditional crown tattoo on hand


Crown Arm Tattoo Designs

Show everyone you control your life by opting to draw a crown as an arm tattoo. Arms provide visibility for you to showcase your tattoo by wearing short sleeve top or hide it by getting dressed in a long sleeved outfit.

Matching Crown Arm Tattoo

matching crown arm tattoo


Crown Forearm Tattoo

crown forearm tattoo


Celtic Crown Tattoos

There are endless possibilities on how you can ink a crown tattoo and in a Celtic design is one of the best ways to give your tattoo a tribal effect. You can use these tattoo to show you are Irish descendants. The interconnected Celtic loops will also add beauty.

Celtic Crown Tattoo on Wrist

celtic crown tattoo on wrist


Shoulder Crown Tattoos

In ancient cultures, the only people that wore crowns were those of superior powers such as gods, and you can use this concept to get a crown tattoo on the shoulder. You can also go for these tattoos to depict your religion as a crown is a popular image in Christianity.

Shoulder Crown Tattoo on Shoulder

shoulder crown tattoo on shoulder


Crown Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Crown tattoos make great sleeve tattoos especially when they incorporate other ink art to fill a full sleeve. For simplicity, opt to ink one crown as a half sleeve tattoo.

Crown Half Sleeve Tattoo

crown half sleeve tattoo


3D Crown Tattoo Designs

3D crown tattoos have a realistic image that will make the design look like it is popping right out of your skin. For a unique look, go for crown wrist tattoos which are decorated with flowers or thorns.

3D Crown Tattoo on Sleeve

3d crown tattoo on sleeve1


Crown Foot Tattoos

A crown can be embellished with sparkly stones, flowers, leaves or even thorns hence strengthens the overall meaning of your foot tattoo. The embellishments also work to decorate the feet. You may also See Finger Tattoo

Watercolor Crown Foot Tattoo

watercolor crown foot tattoo


Since ancient times crowns are worn by kings and queens hence, a tattoo of this symbol often depicts power. They are so versatile that you can ink them as small tattoos which are cute or incorporate other designs to create a large ink art. A crown of thorns or halo crown tattoos will express your religious views.

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