Flower tattoos are incredibly popular with ladies as well as guys. Apart from their visual appeal, most tattoo lovers go for sunflower tattoos because of their symbolic meaning. In Native America, these bright yellow flowers are a symbol of life, provision and vitality. They are often linked to the sun due to their large and vibrant petals which bring out a sunny attitude filled with joy. As a result, these tattoos represent happiness and a jovial character.

Small Sunflower Tattoos

Even if you opt for a small tattoo, a sunflower will still look pretty and captivate everyone. The subtle size makes it perfect for showing the delicate nature of ladies. They are less painful yet stunning hence work to add visual appeal of body area with small size.

Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo Designs

If you want to make your shoulders more beautiful, then add a sunflower tattoo. In many traditions, this flower depicts healing, longevity and focus towards a higher power. Suitable for men, this flower also bears a symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo for Women

sunflower shoulder tattoo for women1


Sunflower Arm Tattoos

Sunflower tattoos on the arm are seriously attractive hence will likely get you a few admirers. Drawing your sunflower on a bed of leaves using black ink only and enclosing it in a geometric shape will show how you see yourself as a protector of beauty or this flower.

Sunflower Inner Arm Tattoo

sunflower inner arm tattoo


Sunflower Tattoo on Above Arm

sunflower tattoo on above arm


Traditional Sunflower Tattoos

Do you want a tattoo that represents chakra therapy? If yes, then traditional sunflower tattoos are for you. These tattoos feature the large petals and often include the yellow color of sunflowers. You can also incorporate green leaves, stems and sunflower seeds to give your design a realistic effect.

Traditional Sunflower Tattoo for Women

traditional sunflower tattoo for women


Traditional Sunflower Tattoo on Thigh

traditional sunflower tattoo on thigh


Sunflower Foot Tattoo Designs

You can still show the vibrancy and intricate details of a sunflower when you ink it on foot. Even though the foot is a bit painful, when you opt to show the contrast of yellow petals against green leaves, your tattoo will stand out.

Sunflower Foot Tattoo for Men

sunflower foot tattoo for men


Watercolor Sunflower Tattoos

Use watercolor art design to highlight the tips of the sunflower petals and give it the sun’s reflection. The mix of vibrant hues and subtle colors will add to the beauty of this flower tattoo. The flower will look free formed hence showing the free nature of sunflower.

Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo on Thigh

watercolor sunflower tattoo on thigh


Sunflower Sleeve Tattoos

Show your bright personality by getting a sunflower tattoo on the sleeves. Sleeve tattoos are very popular especially for men, and you can show just how much you adore your arms by choosing to ink a sunflower tat. A simple monochrome design will look timeless.

Sunflower Back Tattoos

The back provides you with a large canvas to showcase your artwork. So make use of the space and integrate different tattoos that work to tell the story of your life.

Sunflower Back Shoulder Tattoo

sunflower back shoulder tattoo


3D Sunflower Tattoo Designs

Whether you place the body art on the sleeves, thighs, neck, back or finger, your sunflower tattoo will look life like when you draw it using 3D style. The unique tri-dimensional effect will give your tattoo a realistic effect.

3D Sunflower Tattoo on Hand

3d sunflower tattoo on hand


Tribal Sunflower Tattoo Designs

With many ancient civilizations such as Greek, Native American, Chinese and Esoteric associated with the sunflower, you will definitely get a tribal design that shows your ethnic roots. Sunflower tribal tattoos feature black deep shadings that will help it stand out.

Tribal Sunflower Tattoo on Leg

tribal sunflower tattoo on leg


Black and White Sunflower Tattoos

If you want a tattoo that blends modern and tradition style, then choose black and white sunflower tattoos. The two complementing colors will look beautiful on any skin tone.

Black and White Sunflower Tattoo on Sleeve

black and white sunflower tattoo on sleeve


Sunflower Wrist Tattoos

Sunflower tattoos are alluring and can even act as a bracelet when done on the wrist. Opt to draw small sunflowers on the wrist and interconnect them with a vine.

Sunflower Wrist Tattoo for Men

sunflower wrist tattoo for men


Sunflower Side Tattoos

There are endless sunflower designs and depending on how creative you want your side tattoo to be you can even include other flowers and vines. The bright yellow petals will add a touch of color to your whole look and give your body an exotic vibe.

Traditional Sunflower Side Tattoo

traditional sunflower side tattoo


Each flower tends to elicit specific emotions, and whereas a rose is linked with love, a sunflower denotes happy times no wonder these tattoos are a favorite choice to all genders. With stems, leaves or no stems, you can ink sunflower as hand tattoos where they are visible for everyone to see them.

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