International Kissing Day may not be very popular or even recognized across the globe, but it is such a simple yet meaningful celebration to observe among couples, families, and friends. The purpose of this celebration is to remind people that the act of giving a kiss to someone has a deeper meaning than just leaving a lipstick mark on their face. A kiss should be given wholeheartedly even if it is a friendly one. But for kisses given to a partner, every moment of it should be treasured as if it will be your last.

You don’t necessarily have to participate in events held during this day, and you can celebrate this any way you like, as long as it serves the purpose of putting emphasis on the core meaning of kissing.

On this site, we have a lot of calligraphy designs expressing a person’s desire to be kissed. These designs can be used for various purposes, solely depending on where your creativity takes it. Go ahead and scroll down to see the designs yourself.


Embossed Handmade Kiss Me Calligraphy Design


For an artistic kiss calligraphy design, download this sample that bears an embossed text over a purple heart pattern backdrop. The embossed effect on the text and its shadow make the image appear three-dimensional, which gives it more creative impact.


Kiss Me Hand Lettering Calligraphy Vector


The Benefits of Learning and Using Calligraphy Designs

  • Every stroke done in calligraphy involves calmness and patience. This is beneficial since it relieves you from stress. Doing calligraphy is somewhat similar to performing tai chi but with a brush in hand. The paint brush is handled lightly, with gentle and slow brush strokes to achieve a soothing effect both on the artist and the person looking at your art. It is said that if a calligraphy is done properly and precisely, it can help influence other people’s emotions.
  • Since calligraphy requires patience and a lot of attention to detail, it can help promote your level of observance and concentration. Just like an art painting, every detail is done accurately to enhance its quality, from the color palettes used to the textures applied on the canvas. These details may not have its own interpretation, but it gives more life to the creation. The pressure applied on the canvas, the broadness of the letters, and even the curves all provide enhancements to its quality.
  • Practicing calligraphy will make you observe standards instead of rules, which may have the same concept, but are actually very different from each other. When we say rules, these are statements that you SHOULD follow to create uniformity on what you can and can not do. Standards are more like advice on what you can do but you DON’T NECESSARILY need to follow them. If you are disciplined enough, you would follow these standards since they were implemented to help people. Since calligraphy has specific standards to follow, it helps in promoting one’s discipline.

Vintage Handwritten Kiss Me Calligraphy


This vintage-inspired calligraphy design is an ideal choice if you want your images to have an old-school feel. The rough edges on this design helps in making it look like a genuine vintage design. You can use this calligraphy design as a sticker and attach it to surfaces where you want your partner to notice it. This will never fail to get their attention. What’s better is that you will never fail to get the kiss that you desire.


Creative Hand Drawn Kiss Day Calligraphy


Get the kisses you want with this simple, hand-drawn calligraphy design. Show this to your partner and remind them that today is kiss day. But other than them, you may also show this to your family and close friends to ask for kisses as well. Spread the love with this design and also get the love that you deserve.


Kiss Me I’m Irish Calligraphy Design


You may be an Irishman or or not, but nevertheless, this is one creative way of asking someone to kiss you. It clearly delivers humor to the reader, and we’re sure a lot of people would agree to that. This can also be used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because of the Irish theme on this design. You can even add more elements by downloading from our collection of St. Patrick’s Day clipart. But don’t keep yourself from using this even on regular days. Just as long as you want to be creative and funny when asking for a smooch, download this calligraphy design.


Artistic Modern Brush Kiss Me Calligraphy


Modern Kiss Me Heart Calligraphy


Guidelines to Consider when Using Calligraphy Designs

  • Always consider the event that you will be using the design for and/or the message the you want to deliver to the reader. These should always go hand in hand, ALWAYS. You wouldn’t want to use informal calligraphy designs for formal events, and you also would not want to tell people to kiss you through calligraphy but the design appears differently.
  • Another thing that you should consider is the audience who will be reading your calligraphy. If it is intended for children, then use a typography font that is easy for them to read. There are some font styles that children are not familiar with (e.g., not all children are familiar with longhand or cursive writing).
  • Get creative with calligraphy designs, but don’t get TOO creative with it by adding too many curves that could make the text unreadable. Always make sure that your calligraphy design WILL and CAN be read by people. After all, how can you get the kiss you want if the reader can’t even get the message in your design?

Sexy Red Lips Kiss Me Calligraphy Design


Purple Lips Watercolor Kiss Me Calligraphy


Make your calligraphy design more inviting by including a vector image of a pair of lips ready to get kissed. While the text is already enough to let them know what you want from them, it’s always good to sometimes take it to another level to make it more exciting. If you want, you can even replace the image of the lips with a picture of your own, get creative with it!


Black White Just Kiss Me Calligraphy Lettering


Bright Colorful Kiss Calligraphy Design


“Shut up and kiss me” is a line used as a title for a 2004 movie can also be used as a way to demand a kiss from someone. Surprise your partner using this colorful calligraphy design, and you are assured to make your partner stop talking and do more kissing. While in the middle of a conversation, simply pop this out and show it directly to them. This will surely catch them off-guard.


Romantic Lipstick Imprint Kiss Calligraphy


Kiss Me Today And Ever Calligraphy Design


Let your partner fall in love with you all over again with this very meaningful calligraphy design. Couples, especially those that have been together for a long time, are always told that they should constantly reignite the spark in the relationship to keep it healthy. In this design, let your partner know that you want nothing but kisses from them, one today and another one for the following days to come. Don’t ever stop asking for a kiss from your partner.

Kisses are priceless, both literally and as a metaphor. You can not buy them, with the exception of kissing booths, and you definitely can not sell them as well. So download any of these calligraphy designs and express to your partner what you want from them. These designs can be yours with a click of that red button, and you don’t need to spend a lot for these since you can get these for a reasonable fee. These designs are also fully editable and versatile, which allows you to use it any way you want. So what are you waiting for? Download any of these designs and celebrate International Kissing Day.

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