Forms are used in almost any area of sales and commerse, as they are one of the easiest ways to get the information from potential customers in order to advertise to them directly. This list has put together a wide range of different form designs in order to give you the best options for your business or online site, so that you can advertise much more successfully, and tailor your advertising to the customer’s specific needs. You may also See Email Designs

Contact Form Designs

A form is an easy to fill in, contract agreement between two parties, so that both sides can set aside exactly what they want or need out of the agreement. These forms are best for business deals and agreements,

contact form designs

Login Form Designs

A simple login form asks for the username and password of the user and can be easily incorporated onto many online sites. The design is easily customisable to the company’s own colours.

login form designs

Registration Form Designs

Registration forms should be easy to read and many use a block colour background and asks for the users basic information in order to create an account for them on the website that they are applying to.

registration form designs

Application Form Designs

These application form designsare simple designs with a coloured border and can be customised to add the company logo and colours. These designs ask for the important information from the customer in order to apply for a job or position.

application form designs

Subscribe Form Designs

A subscription form should be a very simple design and layout in order to create a form to fit in with the style of website or company, whilst also allowing readers and potential customers to subscribe to a newsletter.

subscribe form designs

Medical Form Designs

A medical form should a simple form that asks for all of the important information regarding health and wellness, and is ideal for a hospital or doctor use. Most form designs are a simple black and white form that is easy to navigate and understand

medical form designs

Web Form Designs

Website forms are a style of form with areas for the important information from the user. The design should be easy to navigate but also fit the company theme and website.

web form designs

Feedback Form Designs

A feedback form needs to have enough room for the user’s basic information, query, and other information that the seller should choose. Most forms are available to customise for the particular information that you need for your company.

feedback form designs

Responsive Form Designs

These forms have plenty of space for the user’s information, and is totally customisable in order to accommodate all of the information that the other party may require. The form itself should be an official looking form that can be used for many different purposes.

responsive form designs

Why are Forms Important?

Forms are used almost anywhere in order to allow customers to provide information about themselves so that you can advertise your products to them, as well as offer a more tailored advertising strategy, so that they only see what they may be interested in. When it comes to medical forms, these designs are important, as they allow for patients to add important, need-to-know information about themselves. You may also See Cool Banner Designs

How are These Designs Useful?

These designs can be hugely useful to show you what should be added into a form in order to make the design successful, and to give you the information that you need to know in order to provide the best service possible.

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