The logo is what describes the company’s skill and character in a flash. Duck logo designs are one such idea that has been found to be used by numerous companies and to great success.

Stylish Eco Duck Logo

Duck Chat Logo With Tag Line

Being the enduring symbol of freedom that birds have come to be known for, the duck has the added advantage of being able to operate under the water, on land or fly in the air. Amongst the bird species, the duck is considered to represent resourcefulness as well. Then there are some nations whose culture associates fidelity and happiness with the duck.

Mighty Duck Logo

Duck Hunt Logo With Tag Line

Suitable Duck Logo for Brewery

Dog Hunting Duck Logo

Swimming Duck Logo for Restaurants

Duck Hunting Logo for Club

Environmental Duck Logo

Mini Bowling Duck Logo

Duck Hunt Logo Shadow with Duck Head in Negative Space

Duck Logo for a Company that is Engaged in Cultivation and Sale of Ducks

Flying Duck Logo

Ducknows Logo Design

Squack Duck Logo for Multiple Usage

Modern Duckhunt Logo


White and Black Background Duck Logo

Duck Feather Logo

With so many traits that can be associated with the duck, logo designers have the flexibility to unleash their creativity in projecting a company’s thought process using the bird. Among the more famous ones include the Donald Duck and Daffy Duck that have been used to depict a fun and cheery scenario. On the other side of the spectrum can be the Count Duckula that portrays a sort of villainous image.

Duck and Fish Logo

Mother and Child Duck Logo

Double Duck Face Logo

Stunning Royal Duck Logo

Standard Ducky Logo

Black Duck Logo

Punk Hair Style Duck Logo

Duck Logo Related to Internet App

Refreshing Industries Duck Logo

Green Color Duck Hunting Logo

Even more interesting is the AFLAC duck that symbolised, of all things, an America based insurance company. Cadillac is another of the more famous companies to have merlettes – a type of French duck in their symbol.

Iron Duck is another well-known company involved in clothing business that has resorted to intuitive use of the duck in their official logo. It involves a hanger with the hook modified to depict a duck head.

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