When promoting a specific item, or giving them a discount or special price. Using price tags can do the just the thing. Read on below for a variety of tag designs you can use for different themes or seasons of the year, and maximize to your advantage.

Using templates will also serve as your guide when creating your own tag designs, as they are able to help you in how to correctly place your images and captions. So what are you waiting for? Read on below for a variety of tag design templates waiting to be used.

Price Tag Vector

price tag vector

Realistic Price Tags

realistic price tags

Sale Tags

sale tags

Christmas Price Tags

christmas price tags

Price Tag Designs To Use

We have variety of price tag templates you can use easily without exerting much effort in making them look good, as they are already prepared for you to use. Below are a few examples of the different price tag designs you can use immediately, or, if you have time, customize to your liking:

  • Blank price tags. These types of tag templates may not have any pre-made designs but they give you the shape of the tag which also serves as a guide for you to cut properly. Due to the abundance of space, you can insert images and captions like prices or specific instructions if you want to.
  • Sale tags. You can often find tag designs like this attached to special items that are on sale in boutiques or any kind of shops. Sale tags can also contain additional instructions or details like placing additional promos for a specific item.
  • Christmas price tags. These types of tag designs are often used during the holidays with holiday-related decorations and fonts. You can find details about the item or a promo you might have in mind.

If you’re in a pinch to find a tag for your gifts, you can always use the available templates in this topic as a gift tag, just alter the designs a bit, or you can specifically use gift tag templates if you have the time to search for one.

Printable Price Tags

printable price tags

Vintage Style Price Tags

vintage price tags

Clean & Modern Price Tags

price tag label

E-commerce Price Tag

e commerce price tag

Food Price Tags

food price tags

Discount Price Tags

discount price tags

How to Use These Tags?

There are a lot of uses for the variety of tag designs you can get, specifically for price tags. You can also use them in different ways. The sky’s the limit for using tags, but below are few examples on how you can use these collection of price tag designs:

  • Use them to display additional instructions. You can place additional product instructions together with the item’s price in your tags to save you space and from using a separate tag to place your instructions.
  • Use them to display your company logo. Including your company logo in price tags is a good way to advertise your company and symbolize ownership of a specific item or material. Placing logos for branding purposes can also be handy when promoting your company.
  • Use them to display a specific discount. You can use a separate price tag and display slashed prices or use them to display a special price or promo on a specific product. These types of price tags are often used when creating a promo.

Generally, using a variety of sale tag designs will help you attract customers, since visually they are able to see them. Sale tags also often let you display the discounted amount in a big font which should also be enough to attract customers.

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