The advancements in drone technology has converted a camera equipped flying gadgets to having many other multipurpose uses like mapping, remote monitoring, cid investigations etc. Such technology are also being used by the military.

Fly in the sky with Ethang 184


The human intervention in drones has made it an even more exciting gadget in 2016. The Ethang 184, the most expensive drone have many safety rules which needs to be followed by the passenger on board. The passenger can fly with the drone at a height of 11500 feet for 23 minutes continuously.

The mini but powerful Lily Camera drones

lily drone with tracking device 1024x576

The water resistant Lily drones have the ability to capture a video during the flight or under the water. This is small sized with wings, and also has quite an intensive usage for being flexible and light weight.

Parrot A.R Drone- Camera drones with remote controls


The best quality of images and piloting support controls with a Smartphone app and double battery system makes the Parrot A.R. a great flying gadget for HD video recording. The 36 minutes of flying time are worth the price to be paid for this drone.

Parrot disco- Power packed drones giving speed and performance

images of objects at distance also come out clear and crisp on the HD quality cameras installed on this drone.

parrot disco

The speed of 50mph and 45 minutes of flight time is far higher in Parrot Disco as compared to many other drones. The front facing cameras in this drone are controlled with the help of the parrot sky controller.

DJI Phantom 3 with inbuilt WIFI and 4K camera

09 04 20151428577242phantom 3

The DJI Phantom 3 Drone is equipped with the latest 4K cameras and also has Wi-Fi provisions to allow the transmission of the video immediately over the network. Its battery is strong and can allow live streaming for 25 minutes of flight time at a stretch, however at shorter distances up to 1.2 kms.

Haktoys Hak907


With LED lights, this affordable quadcopter allows for a nice night video capture along with the day time pleasures and fun of capturing for the beginners. One can capture videos with the help of fast charging time, controlled flights upto 300 feet is a great value for money proposition of this drone.

Echine H8 Mini


The well stabilized quad copter allows filming via FPV. The video and image quality on board is excellent. It works well in the house and indoors as it is of a small size. It has a 360 degree rollover mechanism. In one press you can receive your gadget back safe and sound.

Apple iDrone


The expected design of this drone with 4K cameras which can be adjusted into panoramic mode for interesting image and HD video captures on the flight. The Apple iDrone is sure to revolutionize the drone technology with faster wireless video sharing capabilities inbuilt controllable with Apple IPhone.

3DR solo

3dr solo

The extremely vivacious smart drone allows slow motion video capturing along with the pictureque image shots on the camera. Weighing 3.3 pounds, it has a joystick resembling controller which works best for the new users to have a smooth risk free flight of the drone with panic buttons.

Sky viper video drone


The most durable drones made of polypropylene in the unmanned aerial gadget category is stunning with one touch performance. The

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