Negative space is referred to the area surrounding the object, which is the focus in a particular image. The concept of negative space has gained immense popularity in the field of art and creativity. An object’s shape and beauty comes to the forefront when some space is left around the object.

This is where negative space comes into the picture. This idea has also created a storm in the world of fashion in the form of negative space nail art. Some other popular nail art designs are French tip nails, which look like a French manicure and black and white nails, which look extremely classic. Some mesmerising negative space nail art designs are displayed below.

Black Negative Space Nails

black negative space nails


Topping the spot is black negative space nails. Black is an awesome colour which looks perfect for any occasion. This nail art shows black designs with negative space. It looks simple and classy.

Not far away, at the second spot, is the geometric negative space nail art. This is designed specifically for those individuals who wish to try something that is totally out of the box. This nail art features geometric shapes in black. You may also see Pearl Nail Designs

Gel Negative Space Nails

gel negative space nails


Next up is gel negative space nails. This nail art is extremely popular because the combination of gel nails and negative space looks highly trendy and stylish. The blue and white combination looks very pretty.

At the fourth spot is negative space striped nails. Striped nails look very beautiful, but, when they are teamed up with negative space, they look extremely elegant. The black and white combo is compatible with any outfit.

Negative Space Stiletto Nails

negative space stiletto nails


Coming up next is the negative space stiletto nails. This design is particularly for those females who have a highly sophisticated fashion sense. The design reminds you of the highly fashionable stilettos.

Crazy Negative Space Nail Art Design

crazy negative space nail art design


The crazy negative space nail art design comes at the next spot. This design is specifically for those people who are extremely creative in nature and have a wild imagination. The different amazing patterns and colours used in this nail art adds a touch of style to your entire look.

Negative Space Heart Nails

negative space heart nails


At the next spot is the negative space heart nails. The negative space beautifies the heart design which is featured in this nail art. Besides this, the colour looks simply cool and is best suited for casual outfits.

Acrylic Negative Space Nails

acrylic negative space nails


Next up is acrylic negative space nails. Acrylic nails are highly popular due to the ease with which it can be done and when it is combined with negative space, the nail art looks completely out of the world.

Rhinestones Negative Space Nails

rhinestones negative space nails


Coming up next is Rhinestone negative space nails. Rhinestones and nail art is the perfect combination if you wish to flaunt some extremely stylish and trendy nails. The colour used in this nail art is elegant and appealing to the eyes.

Lastly, comes glitter negative space nail art. The main aim of glitter is to make the nail art look more attractive and alluring. The blue outline enhances the beauty of the gel design featured in this nail art. You may also see Shoe Nail Designs

Classy Negative Space Nail Art

classy negative space nail art


Blue Negative Space Nails

blue negative space nails


Unique Negative Space Nail Design

unique negative space nail design


Simple Negative Space Nail Manicure

simple negative space nail manicure


Yellow and Black Negative Space Nails

yellow and black negative space nails


French Negative Space Nails

french negative space nails


Pink Negative Space Nail Design

pink negative space nail design


Hand Painted Negative Space Nails

hand painted negative space nails


Cute Negative Space Nail Art Idea

cute negative space nail art idea


Paw Print Negative Space Nails

paw print negative space nails


Easy Negative Space Nail Design

easy negative space nail design


An object can be better viewed when there is negative space surrounding it. It clearly defines the design of the particular object which is the centre of attraction. In the field of nail art, negative space not only gives definition to the nail art design, but also makes the design look extremely attractive and appealing. Besides negative space nail art, acrylic nail designs and lace nail art have also gained a lot of popularity due to their beauty and also due to the ease with which they can be done. So, what are you waiting for? Get geared up to flaunt those attractive negative space nails and turn heads wherever you go.

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