You may not want to meet zombies, but that doesn’t stop them from invading your nails. Zombie nail art designs bring a spooky yet stylish factor to your nails. Acrylic nail designs allow for easy application and offer many possibilities. Try a zombie nail art to take your style to mysterious levels. Zombie designs also include cartoon themes, including Disney nail design.

Halloween Zombie Nail Art

halloween zombie nail art


This Halloween zombie nail art portrays the Halloween theme and features zombie faces. This is a great nail art for the Halloween and complements a zombie outfit.

Easy Zombie Nail Art

easy zombie nail art


This easy zombie nail art signals the arrival of the walking dead. This is a cool nail art design and is equally stylish and spooky.

Stitched Zombie Nail Art

stitched zombie nail art


This stitched zombie nail art features stitch mark designs on a bloody background. It has a chilling zombie effect and is sure to rock your Halloween.

Zombie Tinkerbell Nail Design

zombie tinkerbell nail design


This zombie tinkerbell nail design brings the Tinkerbell theme in a spooky manner. It features a green, angry looking zombie face You may also See Mickey Mouse Nail Art Designs

Blood Splatter Zombie Nails

blood splatter zombie nails


This blood splatter zombie nails has a bloody zombie theme and features blood splatter designs. This nail art design makes for a spooky Halloween style

Glitter Zombie Nails

glitter zombie nails


This glitter zombie nail design adds glitter to the zombie theme. It looks cute yet offers a subtle reference to something horrific.

Zombie Girl Nail Art

zombie girl nail art


This zombie girl nail art features designs of the walking dead and signals the arrival of zombies. Try this spooky nail art on Halloween to arrive in style.

Black and White Zombie Nails

black and white zombie nails


This black and white zombie nails features zombie faces in black and white colors. This is a simple looking nail art for a mysterious Halloween.

Pointy Zombie Nail Design

pointy zombie nail design


Classy Look Zombie Nail Art

classy look zombie nail art


Sharp Zombie Nail Design

sharp zombie nail design


Strip Zombie Nail Art

strip zombie nail art


Short Zombie Nail Design

short zombie nail design


Zombie Eye Nail Art

zombie eye nail art


Scary Zombie Nail Design

scary zombie nail design


Long Zombie Nail Art

long zombie nail art


These were some zombie nail art design that you can try. There are lots of creative zombie ideas for nails, so choose a design that fits the occasion. French tip nails can work really well for zombie nail art. Explore the designs and try it to show your spooky style.

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