Have you every played the angry birds game? We love the game and were crazy about it at one point in time. There were the red, green, and yellow-colored birds . The game was in full swing at one point in time and looks like the fever never died. The undying love for the angry birds has continued in the form of creative angry bird nail designs.

Some of these designs have acrylic nail designs with the angry bird print and makes it look completely out of the box. Let’s take a sneak peak into the angry birds’ world and see what it has in store for our lovely nails.

Angry Bird Pig Nail Art

angry bird pig nail art


We do recognize the pigs also from angry birds, don’t you? The pigs and the birds made the game much more interesting. The black nail paint has been in fashion for quite a long time now and the unique angry bird and pig, on one hand, each is different and makes the overall design look crazy. We recommend this to anyone who loves black but likes something different as well.

Angry Bird Tip Nail Design

angry bird tip nail design


This is a very distinct nail design with only the tips colored in beige. There are some stones to make it look fancy and whereas for the angry birds, it just compliments the whole design and makes it look chic. This is for someone who likes to keep it simple.

Acrylic Angry Bird Nails

acrylic angry bird nails


This design has all the angry birds and they all have different expressions on their face if you look closely. Along with the birds is also the cute pig standing out well. This is an acrylic nail design that is like a stick on. We love how original the birds are made to look.

Cartoon Angry Bird Nail Art Design

cartoon angry bird nail art design


This design is done very well. Each character is drawn out and painted to make the nails look dazzling. We love how creativity works well in this case and of course; patience is undoubtedly the key to great work.

Angry Bird Black Nail Polish

angry bird black nail polish


Black with white design is killing it and to add to the whole dark look the red angry bird is made to look out of the box. Nevertheless, it compliments each other to look pretty eventually.

Angry Bird Toe Nail Design

angry bird toe nail design


We have seen hand nail designs so far, let’s get more creative and check out some leg nail designs. Most places we have seen black paint and one angry bird but in this case the entire set is with all the character and it looks funky and nice.

Cute Angry Bird Nail Art

cute angry bird nail art


This entire combination is the perfect definition of cute and the angry bird makes it look even more adorable and the design is perfect for anyone who loves cuteness overload.

Angry Bird Nail Art For Short Nails

angry bird nail art for short nails


People with short nails, you still can get the angry birds on your tiny little nails and make it look amazing and flaunt them in style.

Acrylic Angry Birds Nail Art

acrylic angry birds nail art


This is similar to what we saw earlier. It is stickered upon and makes it look very realistic. With acrylic nails, you don’t have to worry about being very patient.

Angry Bird Theme Nail Design

angry bird theme nail design


Red Angry Birds Nail Art

red angry birds nail art


Angry Bird French Manicure Idea

angry bird french manicure idea


Cool Angry Bird Nail Art

cool angry bird nail art


Angry Bird Nail Stickers

angry bird nail stickers


Short Nails Angry Bird Tip Nail Art

short nails angry bird tip nail art


Piggie and Angry Bird Nail Art

piggie and angry bird nail art


Angry Bird Inspired Nail Art

angry bird inspired nail art


Dotted Angry Bird Nail Design

dotted angry bird nail design


These were some amazing nail art designs for angry bird lovers. We even saw French tip nail design in one. We loved them all and it is your turn to try them.

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