The creative young talent from China has established herself as one among the creative architect-designers within a short span with her creativity. Having had the distinction of being honoured with the prestigious SBC Green Architectural Design Award of Malaysia, Li Xiang’s reputation as a well-known architect-designer is known in the UK and Malaysia. The Royal Institute of British Architects in London has exhibited Li Xiang’s work.

Magnificent Design Creation


In 2011, Li Xiang’s established her firm in XL-Muse Architectural Design Limited after returning from her studies in UK and Malaysia. She heads as the President and Creative Director of the firm. The firm recently changed its name to X+Living. In just five years, Li Xiang has won some of the prestigious awards with her superb designing skills and creativity. She has even created her own furniture brand, which is qualitatively eco-friendly and spreading joy among her clients.

Designing Marvel


Li Xiang shares her experience with Johnny D, in designing the magnificent Yangzhou Zhongshuge Project in the exclusive interview.

Johnny D: Please tell our esteemed readers about X+Living.

Li Xiang: X+Living is an international diversified comprehensive design agency, which provides services in planning, architecture, interior designing, landscaping, engineering and design consulting services. The sole mission of the firm is “design to create value” as the core concept of the pursuit of design work, from concept to final completion of the highest quality order.

Spacious Beauty


JD: What are the various projects your firm is busy designing in various cities and countries?

Li X: We are designing various Cultural, hotel and office design projects in China.

Majestic in Proportion


JD: What was the Client’s brief for the Yangzhou Zhongshuge Project?

Li X: The brief was to simply design the most beautiful bookstore in China.

Master Plan

e yangzhou zhongshuge plan

JD: How many brainstorming sessions it took for the ‘Team’ to design the master plan?

Li X: We had been constantly discussing about the project during the design and construction periods.

Arch Shelves


JD: How difficult was it to achieve the end results, which you had envisioned while designing the project?

Li X: We were very confident about our design, so we were never worried about the end results.

Reflective Glory


JD: How did you overcome the difficulties creatively? Please elaborate.

Li X: This new form is relatively rare in the market, so we needed the co-operation from the construction team, because we have very strict selection criteria for the materials. For example, for the special-shaped structure at the entrance of Yangzhou Zhongshuge, we needed to ensure a good result through material selection and making a model, as well as, controlling the budget.

Defining Perfection


JD: From the designing stage to the completion of the project, what was the time-period taken by your firm?

Li X: We took one month for the concept design, and one month for the construction drawing.

The River-Sky Concept


JD: What is the total area of the project?

Li X: 1000 sq m.

The Exterior View


JD: What was the approximate cost of the project?

Li X: About 6 million RMB.

Beautiful Window View


JD: How would you describe the ‘Elegance of Design’ as the designer?

Li X: Elegance is a silent and disciplined beauty.

Exterior View


JD: What was the client’s first reaction when you handed over the project after completion?

Li X: The client was very confident in us, because we had already designed several successful Zhongshuge bookstores before this one.

The Entrance


JD: As a designer, what is the most important aspect of interior designing?

Li X: From a commercial point of view, designers need to consider the needs of investors and also understand the needs of consumers.

Spacious Marvel


JD: Which is your favorite color and why?

Li X: Mazarine and wine red my favorite colors. Both the colors are connotative. They appear deeper and superior in the contrast of traditional blue and red. The two colors collision is strongly Gothic.

The Knowledge Centre


Galaxy of Stars


JD: Every designer leaves behind their signature style in each project they design. What is your Signature Style?

Li X: Each project is different, so there is no signature style in our design. We design totally according to the requirements of clients and the story behind each project.

Design Perfection


Spacious Readers’ Table


JD: Describe the feelings of winning awards with your design creations and reputation.

Li X: We thanks for the trust of our clients and we will be more dedicated in design.

The Children Section


Starlit Ceiling


JD: How would you describe Li Xiang as a professional and a person?

Li X: I am almost the same. Work and life may be just a spatial difference for me. I may also burst out some inspiration, while reading or listening to music at home.

Colorful Shelves


Attractive Colorful Shelves


Photo Courtesy : The Architect

JD: Please mention 5 recent awards.

Li X: They are as follows:

  • 2016 38th Annual Interior Award by Contract Magazine in New York (award ceremony will be held on the 27th Jan, 2017, still confidential right now)
  • 2016 shortlisted for Best of the Year Award by Interior Design Magazine in New York, for the Retail: Bookstore category, the winner will be announced on 1st Dec. 2016, shortlists are announced on the website
  • 2016 Successful Design Award – Gold Award – Best Successful Design Award
  • 2016 CIID INTERIOR DESIGN CHINA – BEST Commercial Space Award
  • 2015 Forbes china’s 30 Most Promising Designers

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