Architecture Designs and Ideas

Interior designing has been a way of shaping the interior experience in homes, offices and any indoor premise. It integrates special manipulation of surface treatment and spatial volume. Interior designing is largely different from interior decoration and draws on the various aspects of architecture, product design and environmental psychology. Interior designing takes the whole house as a totality. In simpler words, it visualizes homes as a series of interconnected spaces that require a common theme running throughout. Interior designing can thus be thought of as a complete story line where construction, colors, furnishing, etc come together to wrap the story. So, what makes a perfect interior designing project? Read More

A Knack for Design Backed by Education

Anyone who loves playing with colors cannot be said to be an interior designer. Interior designers require an accredited certification from a recognized institution. The work isn’t all fabric and fun. Apart from having a flair for spatial arrangement, textile, architecture and color, you also need to understand the things associated with building codes, structural integrity, psychology, building ethics, ergonomics and much more. Technical knowledge in software like CAD (computer aided drawing) also becomes an important part of your work. Thus, this is a professional that is well rounded in terms of passion and education.

It’s not about the Personality of the Designer, but that of the Client

In the field of interior designing, it’s not the easy job of putting your imagination into work. The choices you make must be run though the client. After all, it is the client who would be spending the rest of his personal / professional career in the space you are creating. There are several interior designers across the globe who have completed thousands of projects but have never been able to design a premise that suits his/her own personal tastes. It’s all about understanding what the client would feel good with. Thus, interior designing draws a lot from the subject of psychology. Overall, it’s a professional that requires one to be a “people’s person”.

The Dynamicity of Design

As already said interior designing doesn’t just harp upon beauty and looks but also integrate the ability to showcase a space in its full potential. The use of patterns, colors, lighting and décor improves the efficiency and look of a space. A good interior designer can make a small room look larger and a big room feel cozy. Working with a variety of other professionals (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc), the job of an interior designer is highly dynamic.

While, every interior designer is knowledgeable of the above, they ensure that the whole life of the client is changed for the good. Who doesn’t like being in a space that confers to his own personality and tastes? Interior designers across the globe are in fact changing the whole concept of living. Be it homes or museums, dreams are being shaped into reality every day. Check out some of the top stories from across the globe in the space below!