After completing the daily morning chores comes the time when you head to your closet to pick the outfit of the day. And, if at this point you have repeatedly imagined of having a stylish walk in closet to compliment your collection then we are certain that this post will offer you the best design inspiration.

We have put together an assorted list of 10 best walk-in closet designs that will certainly give a modern and fashionable start to your day.

1. Functional Walk in Closets

functional walk in closets

Having a functional walk-in closet allows you to create a space for everything in your closet. Now comes the real question of doing this as creatively as you wish. Customize the design of your closet as per your convenience and taste and let your closet give a beautiful and organised start to your day.

2. Vibrant Walk in Closet

vibrant walk in closet

Try and include vivid colours to give an eccentric twist to the standard looking closet. Go with a bright coloured cushion or seat in the middle to give an interesting contrast to your neutral coloured cabinets and shelves. Infuse your home with functionality by not missing on the style.

3. Themed Walk in Closet

themed walk in closet

You can also give a royal twist to your closet by selecting an elegant shade on the walls and a similar colour on the cupboard and shelves. Try and include a close-toned stool or chair to bring a complimentary and refined taste to your complete space.

4. Whimsical Walk in Closet

whimsical walk in closet

You can also go for colourful Hollywood glamour quotient with bright shimmering dressing room and art decor. Bring in a touch of spark by adding a crystal chandelier to your small or big closet.

5. Shine Lights from Above

shine lights from above

Nobody likes to get ready in dark, therefore, make sure to choose the right colours, accessories, texture and source of lighting. If you don’t have the facility of window panes, try and include soft skylight. The light will help you explore through the entire collection and also make space look more roomy and airy.

6. Lightly and Brightly Lit Storage

lightly and brightly lit storage

Go with a light coloured closet interiors with plenty of well-lit storage options. This simple addition can help to glamorise the entire walk in the closet setup.

7. Multipurpose Closet

multipurpose closet

If you have some extra space in your walk-in closet one way to utilise it would be by adding a daybed. Customise the look of your closet by including a small single bed along with a carpet and small side table.

8. Wooden Walk in Closet

wooden walk in closet

A complete solid wooden closet is the classic way to display the clothes and accessories. Wood gives you plenty of option to add colour and other small furnishing pieces to increase functionality. Don’t hesitate from adding a fun piece of carpet or painting to bring a twist to a formal appearance.

9. Vintage Walk in Closet

vintage walk in closet

If you wish to go the vintage route, one way to do it correctly would be by adding a beautiful piece of wallpaper and carpet. Go with a frilly curtain behind the dressing table to give a vintage makeover to your closet. Try and include a wooden antique chair for giving a touch of timelessness to the seating space.

10. Glamorous Walk in Closet

glamorous walk in closet

If you wish to go for glamorous you ought to add white. Go for an upholstered chair with ceiling fixtures that showcase and reflect on the dressy quotient in your room. Try and include fresh flowers and elegant vase to complete the sophisticated and glamorous look.

Make your pick for the closet with the right design, space possibilities, colours and textures that not just display but accentuate your fashion collections.

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