Raindrop vectors are an excellent addition to any project, as they add a more natural theme and texture to projects such as invitations, decorations, and different presentations. This list has put together some of the best raindrop and rainy weather vectors for you to add into your projects to create a weather themed project. We are confident that this list will give you the options you need to create the project that you want, as well as develop inspiration for further designs that could also be associated. You may also see Drop Vectors

Rain Vector Design

rain vector

This vector is a simple 3D cartoon vector of grey clouds and raindrops. This vector illustration can be used for many different weather presentations, teaching aids, cartoon books, and other children products, as they are a simple and fun design.You may also see Water Vectors

Raining Drops Vector

raining drops vector

This raindrops vector is a simple 3D cartoon raindrop with many different sizes of the same design of raindrop. This raindrop design can be used for children’s book and cartoon designs and illustrations, as it is fun and simple, and easy to recognize.You may also see Bubble Vectors

Rain From Brain Vector Illustration

rain from brain vector illustration

This vector design is very different to others on this list. Rather than a rain design, it is coloured rain forming a cloud with a brain in the middle of it. This could be used to represent different mental health charities as a logo or event design.

Heavy Rain Fall Vector

heavy rain fall vector

This rainfall vector is a realistic, yet still cartoon-like vector design. This vector design can be used in different children’s advertising, cartoons, and illustrations in order to create a beautiful finish and design.

Colorful  Rainbow Rain Vector

colorful rainbow rain vector

This rainbow vector is a simple black umbrella with raindrops dripping from it on a red and orange geometric background. This vector design can be used as a logo for weather based companies, as it is easily recognisable across different types of branding.

Rainy Cloud Vector Illustration

rainy cloud vector illustration

This rainy cloud vector illustration is a 3D cartoon design using greys and whites to create a beautiful and simple design. This design can be used in different illustrations for children, in gaming applications and other designs regarding weather.

High Quality Rainy Day Vector

high quality rainy day vector

This rainy day vector design uses the image of a large green umbrella and a child dressed in an orange waterproof coat. This design is a cute and fun design that can be used as a book cover or picture design in children’s picture books, or as inspiration for a children’s cartoon.

Autumn Rain Vector

autumn rain vector

This autumn rain vector design uses the images of autumn leaves in yellow and orange on a yellow and orange background with transparent raindrops falling through the image and off of the leaves. This vector design can be used in different projects to create an autumnal rainy day theme.

Opened Umbrella Rain Vector Design

opened umbrella rain vector design

Colorful Rain Cloud Vector

colorful rain cloud vector

Rainy Day Vector

rainy day vector

Rain and Cloud Vector Illustration

rain and cloud vector illustration

Rain Landscape Vector

rain landscape vector

Rain Fall Umbrella Vector

rain fall umbrella vector

Rain Symbol Free Vector Design

rain symbol free vector design

Rainbow Rain Vector

rainbow rain vector

These raindrop designs are varied and quite realistic, so you are sure to find a design that perfectly fits the theme and aim of your project. Whether you are creating decorations, presentations, or learning aids, we are certain that this list will help you to create a beautiful finish to your project.

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