Long Pixie haircut is a flamboyant feminine style worn by women down the years since its first appearance in the fashion world. Many celebs from various fields have sported this coiffure as their signature style and have become role models to the succeeding generations. Long pixie haircut is a perfect way to cut short your hair and look sophisticated and chic.

Carey Mulligan Braided Pixie Hair

carey mulligan braided pixie hair1

Emma Watson Long Pixie Hair

emma watson long pixie hair1

Charlize Theron Curly Long Pixie Hair

charlize theron curly long pixie hair1

Anna Hathaway Long Pixie Hair

anna hathaway long pixie hair

Jennifer Lawrence Long Spiky Pixie Hair

jennifer lawrence long spiky pixie hair

Rihanna Side Faded Long Pixie Hair

rihanna side faded long pixie hair

Straight Long Pixie Haircut

straight long pixie haircut


Silky Long Pixie Haircut

silky long pixie haircut


Messy Long Pixie Hair

messy long pixie hair


The latest trend of long pixie haircut is that with long bangs with ragged edges that blend into almost neatly shaved sides. Such haircut is a perfect complement with any western or even Indian attire. In any social gathering you can simply brush up your hair or leave it uncombed to give a tousled look. The frail bangs hanging from the two sides contour your face for a dainty appeal.

Fashionable Long Pixie Hair

fashionable long pixie hair


Long Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair

long pixie haircut for thick hair


Classy Long Pixie Hair

classy long pixie hair


Beautiful Long Pixie Hair

beautiful long pixie hair


Long Pixie Hair Idea

long pixie hair idea


Simple Long Pixie Hair

simple long pixie hair


Modern Long Pixie Haircut

modern long pixie haircut


Asymmetric Long Pixie Cut

asymmetric long pixie cut


Choosing a pixie haircut is a great privilege to those who love carrying out various experiments in their hairdos. This is one of the haircuts that goes perfectly well with almost any kind of face. If you have a heart shaped face, get your hair trimmed along the sides and back in a tapering style. The hair at the top if cut into layers and let jagged, will render a sleek finish to your personality.

Side Swept Long Pixie Haircut

side swept long pixie haircut


Asymmetric Long Pixie Hair

asymmetric long pixie hair


Long Pixie Bob Haircut

long pixie bob haircut


Stylish Long Pixie Hair

stylish long pixie hair


Long pixie haircut resembles a boyish hairdo with a soft, feminine charm. To get your desired look, let your hair be done by an expert hairstylist.

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