The word ‘Bohemian’ is derived from the French word bohémien (meaning ‘gypsy’), to denote the travelling refugees of earlier times. Today, anyone who lives or dresses by standards not dictated specifically by any fashion trend or acknowledged expert (like Vogue magazine) is considered bohemian, or slightly offbeat. ‘Slightly’ is the operative term, as being bohemian itself has become mainstream! Characteristic style elements, when it comes to hairstyles here, include loose, free or structured asymmetrically, often adorned with simple accessories like flowers. Here are some popular bohemian hairstyles this season:

Jennifer Lawrence with Bohemian Hairstyle

jennifer lawrence with bohemian hairstyle

A halo braid is also called a crown braid. Start from slightly off the forehead and work your way around from the back of your head till you’ve tucked the ends into the crown like Jennifer Lawrence here, spotted with quite the bohemian hairstyle in London.

Lauren Conrad Bohemian Hairstyle

lauren conrad bohemian hairstyle

This style achieves the near-impossible – a combination of a goddess and mere mortal. Learn from reality star Lauren Conrad who wore it at the Teen Choice Awards, and accessorizing will accent the nuances of this temple-braided, freed-hair look.

Shakira Bohemian Hairstyle

shakira with bohemian hairstyle1

A cousin of the above, you may as well use this one to hold your long hair back, sans any hairband or barrette. But to make it look like a really bohemian hairstyle , let a few strands escape – this isn’t the office! Think romantic and sweet, like Shakira here.

Belinda with Bohemian Hairstyle

belinda bohemian hairstyle

Prepare to not live according to mainstream boho standards now! These braids start from way off the usual starting points, and are like dreadlocks laid diagonally across the forehead, while the rest of your hair can be layered in peek-a-boo braids.

Vanessa Hudgens Bohemian Hairstyle

vanessa hudgens bohemian hairstyle

Efficient, chic, romantic, cute, messy. Just braid your hair in any way you’d like, and then twist it upwards to leave the nape of your neck. And as they say with anything fashionable: experiment, like Vanessa Hudgens below!

Bohemian Hairstyle for Bride

bohemian hairstyle for bride

Super feminine and cheery at the same time, this hairstyle is characterized by hair left free for the most part, with a thin crown plait or strand braids lined with florals. It’s great for the bride herself, and as a guest, perfect for that formal wedding party you’re dreading.

Side Twisted Bohemian Hairstyle

side twisted bohemian hairstyle

Pick the strands off the side of your head, twist them over one and another and then use this as the middle section for the bigger braid for a simple side twisted braid. You can even experiment with crown braid, as shown below.

Boho Bridal Hairstyle

boho bridal hairstyle

Yet another hairstyle that’s great for a wedding, especially if you’re the bride! Not only is it necessary for neat, well-dressed hair anymore, but this style is a lovely combination of all kinds of braids – updos, side braids, crown and so on.

Modern Boho Hairstyle

modern boho hairstyle

Bohemian fashion can trace its roots right up to the late 1800’s, but it’s the 60’s and 70’s that have really inspired modern times. A modern boho hairstyle can be achieved by just teasing your hair till it looks like you’ve rolled out of bed, sluice a braid through up and over the waves of bed-hair to secure it like clips (make sure it’s not a crown braid all the way, though), and you’re all set!

Bohemian Side Twisted Hairstyle

bohemian side hairstyle

Hope these tips have helped you choose the flower crown over your comb! Don’t forget, the point is to be as quirky as possible, while staying stylish at the same time. And while these may take some time to master, like the braids, at least you can be fashionable with just wild hair, and lots of it at that!

Bohomein Long Bride Hairstyle

bohemian long bride hairstyle


Bohemein Prom Hairstyle

bohemein prom hairstyle


Bohemian Side Twisted Hairstyle for Thick Hair

bohemian side twisted hairstyle for thick hair


Bohemian Two Side Twisted Hairstyle

bohemian crown braid hairstyle


Bohemian Hairstyle for Short Hair

bohemian hairstyle for short hair


Bohemian Hairstyle for Curly Hair

bohemian hairstyle for curly hair


Bohemian Hairstyle for Fair Skin

bohemian hairstyle for fair skin


Side Bohemian Hairstyle

side bohemian hairstyle


Bohemian Waterfall Hairstyle

bohemian waterfall hairstyle


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