The flow hairstyle is usually connected to hockey players’ hair or as some people call it – the wings haircut. The flow is back and it is a fad amongst celebrities. But that’s not all, more and more folks worldwide want the same haircut.

Jennifer Lawrence Short Flow Haircut

This is a more subtle hairstyle. Perfect choice for the summer, because it is not very long and the wavy transition is done effectively. Nice to wear at the beach, but in office as well. Just look at this gorgeous hair as it waves down to shoulders. It will be easy to go with any makeup and don’t forget a nice pair of earrings.

Jessica Alba Long Flow Hairstyle Idea

Girls, if you are fan of a long hair, styling it should be an easy thing. This kind of long flow hairstyle will accentuate your look and you will get all the attention you certainly deserve. We like the transition from neat and tidy at the top and just a bit of a messy hair at the end.

Rita Ora Flow Hawk Hairstyle

This is a brilliant and gorgeous flow hairstyle. It is not just a curly hair that is like a long and messy hairstyle. Rita’s’s curly hair makes her face complete and makes an impression of a modern casual look. In simple words it states, that you are OK with it and at the same time you care about fashion.

Brad Pitt Combover Flow Hairstyle

Brad Pitt’s famous flow hairstyle became his trademark. This is usually a short version of messy hair. Brad Pitt once again showed it to us how you can look good and modern. Go to Grunge Hairstyle Designs to check out similar styles.

Reese Witherspoon Curly Flowing Hair

This is a very attractive and smart flowing hairstyle done very nicely. As a matter of a fact it gives her a very elegant look. The hair bangs are raised up and swept back, whereas the left and the right sides are fashioned in normal curls which make her appearance as magnificent as ever.

Selena Gomez Layer Flow Haircut Idea

This hairstyle is not at all only about the longer hair fringe. There is more to it as you build up layer after layer of flow haircut. The black colour is brilliant. This is not even near a casual look because it requires a lot of styling.

Jennifer Lopez Side Swept Flow Hair

Madam Lopez headed to this unique side swept hairstyle. In one word this is an astonishing hairstyle, which will never fade away. The style features all threads at one side, a bit messy and at same time wavy hair with a brilliant color tones.

Taylor Swift Medium Length Flow Haircut

A medium length flow is stylish and above all it is a perfect choice for an opera or a theatre. You will achieve the attention you are looking for regardless a little messy look. The bleach makes color in awesome contrast against any earrings you put.

Silky and Thick Flow Hairstyle


This dark colored hairstyle is not done just with style, but it radiates out a super vibe to surrounding. You are going to look tidy and that everything appears to be in place, be sure your style it right. It means you will need to brush your hair after shower and put attention on a key point-the bangs.

Flow Braided Hairstyle


A half braid and half flow hairdo give a bohemian feel to your look. You can wear this as an everyday look or even on your big day. You can also check out the Messy Side Braid Hairstyle for more like this.

Long Flow Hair with Bangs


These hairstyles are supposed to look a bit messy, but they are styled with extra care, which adds an exclusive elegant look. You will also love our Messy Ponytail Designs article.

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