Long hair is treasured by women of almost all ages as it gives you the room for trying various experimental hairdos without telling upon your pocket too much. Long layered hairstyles are included among some of the time-honored panaches sported by fashion conscious ladies down the years. Long layers cut at the back with fringes in the front framing your face are for those who will opt for a feminine and dainty look.

Long Layered Hairstyle For Women

long layered hair


For a more trendy look, try the latest hairdo flattered by Sarah Jessica Parker in which your layers will take away the bulky look from your head while let your natural spirals will pop out from the two sides of your face. In this cut your layers will start from the collarbone level so that when you tuck your hair behind your earlobes, it is not mistaken as the wedge cut.
In case you have long curly tresses, try sporting the Beyoncé hairdo in which the curls are blended symmetrically all over your face to give your head a fuller look without having to feel heavy. For this hairstyle get your hair cut dry instead of usual damping by the professionals before a trim. The all-round layered style of Jessica Chastain is also a style worth trying. Just washing your hair and blowing it dry are all that you need for a head-turning look.

Side Parted Long Layer Haircut

side funk long layer cut


Lovely Long Layered Hairstyle Idea

lovely long layers


Stunning Layered Hairstyle For Long Hair

stunning layered hairstyle


Long Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

natural long layered haircut


Multiple Layered Hairstyle For Round Face

multiple layered hairstyle


Textured Long Layered Haircut

painted long layered hair


Brown Colored Long Layer Hairstyle

brown colored long layer cut


Beach Curls Layered Cut

beach curls layered cut


Cool Keratin Layer Hairstyle Idea

cool keratin layer style


Shiny Layers Long Hair

shiny layers long hair


Chocolate Colored Heavy Side Bang Hairstyle

chocolate colored hairstyle


The concept of hairdressing has changed globally and it is now more of an easy-to-create art than an elaborate ornamentation which requires professional hands. Any hairdo that accentuates your inner beauty is your ultimate style statement!

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