A hairstyle that has been popularized by every fairy tale out there, braided hairdo is becoming a rage this year! Ranging from super-easy to complicatedly-done yet gorgeous, rope braids are perfectly cute for all types of hair and length. And the best part is that some of these can be pulled off even if you don’t have the long and lovely Rapunzel-like locks.  So what are you waiting for? Scroll below to check out this fantastic rope braid collection we have put together just for you.

Jennifer Lawrence Messy Rope Braid Bun

jennifer lawrence messy rope braid bun

While JLaw’s known for her Hunger Games braids, this one is suiting her soft looks just as well! The catch here is to keep it natural and messy, with few strands of flicks for a casual touch. It is the simplicity and imperfection that makes this hairstyle look cute and adorable!

Bella Throne Rope Braid Updo

bella throne rope braid updo

Another cute rope braid updo, this one involves having double ropes crowning your head, with highlighted fringes framing your forehead. You can also use a hair-rope extension to help out with the second braid, as Bella has done.

Jessica Alba Double Rope Braid Bun

jessica alba double rope braid bun

Jessica Alba looks as if she has emerged out right from an Egyptian painting from the past! With a carefully put up double rope braid framing her perfectly chiseled features, that brilliant mascara and sharp lip color is the ideal choice for this hairdo.

Selena Gomez 3 strand Rope Braid Hair

selena gomez 3 strand rope braid hair

This one just might be the prom look you were looking for! The singer  has made a gorgeous match-up of the three-strand rope braid with a frilly flowing short dress. Top it up with nude makeup and smoky eyes and you are ready for the most-awaited night-out of the year.

Adele Rope Braid Around Head

adele rope braid around head

Oh, isn’t she carrying the fair British milkmaid look perfectly with this one? The trick behind this one is to do a double-turn all around the head for a hair-crown look.

Rihanna Side Rope Braid

rihanna side rope braid

Look at that gorgeously red mane Rihanna is sporting in the picture. The beauty of this braid is the side parting and small loopy plaits framing the face. Ending in a voluminous braid, this one is perfect for those who want to tame their thick and unmanageable hair.

Katy Perry Twisted Rope Braid Bun

katy perry twisted rope braid bun

Here is an improvised version of the milkmaid rope braid. Plait your hair from the sides for this one, and give the entire length of hair another twist. Pin the ends at the back of the head, and give the hairdo a generous dose of hairspray to keep it intact.

Loose Twisted Rope Braid

loose twisted rope braid


Got that home party this evening, but too tired to dress up for it? Then this loose messily rope twisted  braid is the perfect hairdo for you! Bunch up random-sized pieces of hair and plait them up in a messy yet   impressive braid.

Rope Stitched Fishtail Braid

rope stitched fishtail braid


Fishtail braids are a tough nut to crack for most, but the grace and sheer elegance these braids have are far above any other plait hairstyle. Pair them up with a couple of flowers pinned in at the start of the braid, and feel yourself step into the world of fairytale fantasies!

French Rope Braid Curls

french rope braid curls


These braids are easy as a regular braid hairdo, and yet there is an added flair you can achieve through these pretty hairstyles we just shared. Rope braids are doing all the rounds this season.

Rope Braid Bun Hairstyle

rope braid bun hairstyle1


Rope Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair

rope braid hairstyle for blue eyes1


Long Twisted Braid

long twisted braid


Rope Braid Ponytail

rope braid ponytail


Halfup and Halfdown Rope Braid

rope braid halfup and halfdown1


Two Twisted Rope Braid

two twisted rope braid


Short Twisted Hairupdo

short twisted hairupdo1


Rope Braid Crown Hairstyle

rope braid crown hairstyle


Rope Braid for Brown Hair

rope braid for brown hair


Fishtail Braid for Girls

fishtail braid for girls1


Side Rope Braid Hairstyle

side rope braid hairstyle


A perfect hairdo for every season, rope braids can imbue such feminine grace to your personality that you’d be sure to stand out amongst a crowd wherever you go. And it doesn’t even matter whether your hair is short, medium or long – braid updos go for all lengths just as beautifully! Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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