Well, it is nearly time to gobble down Turkey or Tofurky (for our lovely vegetarian friends) because everyone deserves some Thanksgiving fun. And, along with the mouth-watering cranberry sauce, roasted corn, it is also time to prep up your nails with some Holiday inspired nail art. Because, for a true festive feast, everything needs to be pitch perfect right from toe to nails.

1. Cranberry Blooms

cranberry blooms

We know glitter can sometimes be too much for all your fingers, but a touch of ruby sparkle on the thumb with nude and cranberry floral look on the remaining fingers can really spruce up the holiday look for the dinner.

2. Plaid Nails

plaid nails

Trends come and go, but there is one trend that will always be a staple for Fall and that is our very own and loved plaid pattern. Choose a color and pattern that matches well with your selected holiday dress for the Thankful dinner.

3. Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice latte cup inspired design is the one to go for if you are looking for something sweet and dotted. With the subtle touch of color and motif, the design is easy to create and complement with multiple outfits.

4. Thanksgiving Minions

thanksgiving minions

If you love them you got to ink them. Minions were a hit at the box office and they will definitely be a hit on your nails this Thanksgiving. With the perfect pop of color, they can add the missing color to the neutral outfit.

5. Gold Angels

gold angels

Simple and sleek, this golden accent nail art is perfect to add on to your festive spirit. Narrow golden strips added from the base of the nail to the tip bring the touch of glamour to the outfit.

6. Nude Grid

nude grid

Oomph up your nude nail art with contrasting textures. First, apply a layer of the nude base then top it up with a thin matte top coat and create a grid pattern using a thin brush. The look is very simple to create and can instantly bring an elegant and sophisticated charm to your outfit.

7. Fall Gradient

fall gradient

The red, orange and golden glitter scatters falling from the nail bed resemble falling leaves, if only leaves were glittery. With a perfect contrast of glitter and solid colour, the design comes out beautiful and appropriate for Fall.

8. Faded


Ombré gradient nails are a perfect selection for every occasion. And, this chic combination of red and grey make it an ideal choice for Thanksgiving and Fall.

9. Gold Stars

gold stars

We all know it, but just a reminder that adding stars is the perfect way to spruce up any holiday party. With a combination of glossy gold and matte brown, this nail art is modern and simple in its appeal.

10. Quilted Texture

quilted texture

What can explain a cold weather better than a cozy quilt? This quilted nail art in the beautiful shade of blue with chic golden dots is the best fit to complement the cold weather.

Parade your way into the Holiday season with a mouthful of delicious goodness and nails coated with sophisticated charm.

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