Even though it looks simple, a bench is a practical piece of furniture that can decorate any room. A bench with no sides can act as a coffee table which fits a home décor, placed beside a bed, in the entryway of your home or in the living room to bring the outside coziness inside. While bench designs come in all colors, their thin structure take up small space making them ideal and practical in any room size. You may also See Rustic Bench Designs

Deck Bench Designs

deck bench designs

Signature Decks

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on decorating your deck, then take advantage of the simplicity of a bench. Deck bench designs are popular sitting arrangements for porches. When decorated with pretty pillows they act as a cozy place from which you can comfortably watch the sunset or sunrise.

Outdoor Bench Designs

outdoor bench designs

ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects

Do you love to watch your kids play outside, then why not make use of the bench to create a cozy outdoor setting. Outdoor benches in L shape provide the ideal spot to enjoy the serene outdoor environment. Handcrafted and carved benches provide an easy setting for entertaining outside.

Work Bench Designs

work bench designs


Workbench designs are built to feel comfortable especially when you spend a big portion of your time in the office as well as display professionalism. While you can get work benches in different colors, simplicity is key in this environment so go for those in neutral colors since they complement any room décor.

Garden Bench Designs

garden bench designs

Strell Design

Built in benches are perfect for those weekends when you need to enjoy the beauty of your garden. When you combine them with a coffee table made of the same material, they form a stunning arrangement that can work to entertain guest. Those made from hardwood or strong concrete will resist harsh climatic conditions.

Mudroom Bench Designs

mudroom bench designs

Z+ Architects, LLC

A bench makes the perfect tool in your mudroom for sitting down when you need to remove shoes. When it comes with hooks, you can sue it to hang coats and jackets or make use of the space underneath to store your footwear. Place it next to the window to act as a window seat.

Modern Bench Designs

modern bench designs

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Modern bench design take creativity to a whole new level! You can get these benches in a DNA art form, pixilated form, twisted knot at the end, ripple effect, interlocking hollows, crisp geometric patterns or even a single table chair design. These benches are unique and compliment modern décor.

Patio Bench Designs

patio bench designs

bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture

Why use expensive furniture when a multifunctional bench design can do the job perfectly. They act as additional outdoor seating to suit the size and space needs of your party. Benches in plastic or wood materials will work with any weather or try those with a pop of color for summer.

Backyard Bench Designs

backyard bench designs

Michael Tauber Architecture

Whatever form a bench takes, it can be custom made to complement the landscape of your backyard. Backyard bench designs will take advantage of the available space. Designing your bench in a crib style or build it around a tree for times when you need to take a quick nap.

Rustic Bench Designs

rustic bench designs

Peace Design

Whether on the deck or living room, rustic bench designs look fabulous inside as well as outside your house. For the living room, pair rustic bench with rustic lamps and a stained glass ceiling fixtures. For a subtle look that will fit any environment then go for benches with brass legs.

Storage Bench Designs

storage bench designs

Red Egg Design Group

Storage bench designs are ideal for keeping away items you rarely use ensuring that your floor space is neat. Large storage benches can store pillows, sheets, and extra blankets. You can even use it as a seat. For storing shoes go for benches with free space below it. You may also See Outdoor Bench Designs

Corner Bench Designs

corner bench designs

Wow Great Place

Corner bench designs can be placed in any room to utilize the free space in a corner. An L-shaped corner bench will provide adequate space for more than two people to suit and the design gives a fresh take on the standard symmetrical style.

Kitchen Bench Designs

kitchen bench designs

bulthaup melbourne

Since we spend time in the kitchen, it is only logical to get seats that are durable and benches can easily fit any kitchen décor. The L-shaped bench in a vibrant color can set the room apart and make it more user-friendly to every family member.

Shower Bench Designs

shower bench designs

Sisters in Sync Design

Traditionally, the bathroom is the one place where you rarely find furniture. However, a bench is versatile enough to add character to your shower. If your shower is small, then a small bench is a great alternative. Instead of the traditional bench design, be creative and opt for leather, or curved oak designs.

Pool Bench Designs

pool bench designs

Aloha Pools Pty Ltd

A pool bench will offer you the space to wipe yourself and relax after swimming or when you need to sunbath around the pool. Make use of your bench by ensuring it has a deep hollow interior which can act as a storage unit for towels and sunscreen.

Why Benches are Used and Tips for Selecting Bench Designs

Benches are used because they are versatile, practical and comfortable. From bathrooms, kitchens, backyard to patios, a bench will fit in either small or large room spaces. By simply adding seat pillows you can quickly transform a standard bench to complement your décor. Those with hollow depths or room underneath make great storage spaces for hiding items resulting in a room that is organized. A backless bench makes a great divider for room space and can be used in either front or back directions. You may also See Shower Bench Designs

Indoor benches are one of the most functional pieces of furniture. They come in different shapes, color and sizes making it easier for bench designs to fit with either modern or traditional décor. Whether placed outside or inside, they decorate a space in a way that will wow even guests.

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