If you share a strong bond with your mother and have been wanting to express the same with something unique and meaningful, mother daughter tattoos is one creative way to go. With plenty of designs to choose from, we have today collected a list of 10 tattoo designs that will help you come closer and also attach a personal meaning to the ink.

1. You are My Sunshine Tattoo

you are my sunshine tattoo1

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine tattoo carries a beautiful cursive font. If you are not familiar, the words are the lyrics from the famous 1975 Johnny Cash song. The tattoo is perfect to get inked as daughters are generally referred to as the sunshine.

2. Bee Tattoo

bee tattoo

Bees are considered as one of the most hardworking creatures and they hold a different meaning in varied cultures. There are several ways how you can get a bee design inked on your hand or feet. Go for the more realistic 3D design or stick to the caricature style as shown in the image above.

3. Tin Cans Tattoo

tin cans tattoo

Tin can tattoo holds a nostalgic value as you connect the illustration to the childhood days. This connective tattoo will make sense when you put the two ends together in one picture. Customize your design with the choice of colour and minimal or elaborate design.

4. Giraffes Tattoo

giraffes tattoo

Giraffe tattoo is one interesting tattoo design to get inked, as giraffe, the tallest land mammal takes care of her young calf almost entirely herself with little or no help from the father. The cute and simple giraffe tattoo is the perfect way to express the close bond. The little heart placed in the middle of the tattoo gives the design that soft and cherished value.

5. Music Inspired Tattoo

music inspired tattoo

If you and your mother hold a close and personal connection with music, this music inspired tattoo with the heart added to the symbol will give the perfect and sleek appeal to your tattoo design.

6. Dove Tattoo

dove tattoo

Dove is one of the most premier birds to hold a close reference to delicacy and elegance. A matching dove tattoo could hold a lot of meanings with the most prominent and major one being, though you have grown up and are ready to fly, there will always be someone to comfort you in your rough times.

7. Matching Clover Tattoo

matching clover tattoo

The clover tattoo including the lucky four-leafed clovers is one of the very popular designs to get inked in a pair. This modern design of clover tattoo is made up of three interlocking love hearts.

8. Butterfly Tattoo

butterfly tattoo

A matching butterfly tattoo is one of the simplest and sweetest ways to express your lovely bond with your mother. Much like the tin can tattoo this butterfly tattoo with its connective nature holds a strong design value. Opt for a colour and pattern of your preference and let the hues of your relation reflect on your tattoo.

9. Like Mother Like Daughter Tattoo

like mother like daughter tattoo

Like mother like daughter saying is one of the coolest choices to have a tattoo. If you relate well with the saying there is nothing which can top this design. Pair the design with a vibrant graphic or just use the expression as it is.

10. Anchors


Anchors with their deep meaning act as a reminder of your home and it appreciates and acknowledges the place of origin. Getting the anchor tattooed on arm makes perfect sense for both mum and daughter.
Express the beautiful bond with your mother with matching tattoos that are as unique and special as your relation.

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