Rings occupy the highlight when it comes to occasions such as engagements and weddings or just for that special night out. Daisy rings give a hint of classy vintage-ness and they are special for any occasion. These rings are precious, last forever and are extremely beautiful. They add charm and elegance to a woman’s fingers. Anything from simple enameled daisy rings to a stone studded daisy on platinum rings; they make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries or special occasions. Here are some really cute daisy designs for you to choose from:

Triple Daisy Flower Ring

This triple daisy flower ring makes for a perfect every day design. Cuteness personified and set in silver; this is one of the best daisy ring designs available. Choose this design for the inner boho flower girl in you. This can be a very good gifting option to young girls.

Diamond Daisy Ring Design

This diamond daisy ring design comes very close in resemblance to a snowflake ring. The ring itself is very dainty and beautiful. The huge diamond in the center offset by the 8 smaller diamonds lends a girlish charm to your beautiful fingers.

Daisy Wedding Ring

This daisy wedding ring is again very similar in resemblance to a snowflake ring. The ring has a very traditional look which is perfect for weddings and engagements. It also has a modern and classy touch to it.

Crystal Daisy Ring

This adjustable crystal design ring can be worn to the prom or just about any special occasion. This cute and beautiful ring set in crystals of complementing colors will really highlight any complexion and add a bit of sparkle to the daisy designs.

Daisy Cluster Engagement Ring

As the name suggests, this customized daisy cluster ring is perfect for a classic engagement. Excellent craftsmanship on a simple minimalistic design talks volumes about the choice of the ring. This design adds a whimsical touch to the fingers that wear them.

Handmade Daisy Ring

This handmade daisy ring is an adjustable one suited for a day out to the beach or a sunny picnic outing at the park. It is made to look very much like a natural daisy flower. It makes for a very good gift since it is handmade and has a personal touch to the ring.

Vintage Daisy Ring Design

This vintage daisy ring design has unparalleled designs and can be accentuated with other simple minimalistic bands. Set in silver, the daisy is cute and has stones inlaid into the petals. The design is perfect for a casual outing.

Opal Daisy Ring Model

This amazing design with twin daisies set in opals or topaz highlighted by the white diamonds is perfect for a wedding ring. The precious stones adds decadence and elegance to a woman’s fingers with this Opal ring design. This is worthy of being passed on as an heirloom through generations.

Victorian Daisy Ring

The prominent daisy flower in this Victorian daisy ring is enameled with white highlights. A simple gold band lends a Victorian charm to this beautiful daisy ring. The ring is fit for a princess’ fingers with a satin finish and can be worn every day.

Daisy Stretch Ring

This daisy stretch ring has soft yellow and green alternating petals with alternating beads in the design has a stretchable band. This is again a handmade design which is amazingly cute and adds a pretty charm to a woman’s fingers.

Double Daisy Ring

Red and White Daisy Ring

Beaded Daisy Ring Design

Gold Daisy Ring

Cute Pink and White Daisy Ring

Beautiful Daisy Ring

Awesome Daisy Ring

A stunning engagement ring for a woman symbolizes everlasting love and commitment from the man. Daisy rings are literally tokens of love, passion and romance. These daisy rings will be pieces of jewelry that can be cherished forever and will make the perfect engagement rings for women. They can be worn to any occasion, with any outfit and it will still accentuate the woman’s beauty a hundred-fold.

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