Alluring, mysterious and bold, black diamonds are among the trendiest things in fine jewellery these days. The black colour of the diamond is because of the graphite in it.

The history of black diamond rings date back to the time before 1940s. The concept of colourless diamond was basically introduced in 1940s. But before that, women from all around the world used to fancy coloured diamond rings.

Rose Cut Black Diamond Ring

rosecut black diamond ring


In recent times, black diamond rings have become more popular than it was before because of many Hollywood celebrities wearing them.

Rose Gold Skull with Black Diamond Ring

rose gold skull ring black diamond ring1


Geometric Faceted Silver Ring

geometric faceted silver ring1


Square Rose Cut Black Diamond Ring

square rose cut black diamond ring


Black Gemstone White Gold Ring

black gemstone white gold ring


Natural Colored Diamond Stacking Ring

natural coloured diamond stacking ring


Micro Pave and Round Brilliant Cut

micro paveround brilliant cut


Black 3D Printed Ring

black 3d printed rings


Moissanite Black Ring

moissanite black ring


Platinum Wedding Ring for Men

white gold mens wedding band


Black Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

black pear diamond engagement ring


Unique Black Engagement Ring

unique black engagement ring


Dainty Stacking Ring with Half Eternity Band

dainty stacking ring half eternity band


Thin Black Diamond Ring

thin black diamond ring


Engagement Ring with Triangle Wedding Band

modern engagement ring triangle wedding band


Vintage Stone Black Diamond Ring

stone vintage black diamond ring1



When you’re planning to buy a black diamond ring, just forget about all the things that you consider while buying a colourless/white diamond ring. The difference between the two types of diamonds is just that black diamond do not sparkle like the colourless one, although they are real diamonds too. They are generally opaque due to their dark colour. So apparently, the 4Cs do not go for these.

It is generally advisable that you buy enhanced black diamond rings because they last longer like the colourless diamonds. Also, make sure that your black diamond ring is even coloured. Black diamond rings are generally more affordable than the colorless diamond rings. But it entirely depends on its refinement and its size. One should buy the black diamond ring which goes with their personality and personal choice.

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