Engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry to give (or offer) in their life time.

For most, selecting the perfect engagement ring symbolizes their love and commitment, and also captures ones styles and personalities with less timed trendy design.

Diamonds rings are elegant enough to wear with everything, everywhere. Modern engagement ring designs has come up with the ” tradition ” of the diamond ring. Betrothal rings, a devised custom from Romans, became the regular part of the Christian tradition in the 13th century.

First Known Diamond Ring

first known diamond ring

The first known diamond engagement ring was delegated for Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477.

Victorians used to exchange the diamond engagement rings that are set with the birthstones. This  wasn’t until the late 19th century. After the diamonds are discovered from the mines of South Africa,  diamonds price was inflated, from then again Americans regularly began to exchange their diamond engagement rings.

The diamond ring designs starts by the selection of the diamond in size, quality and number. In general, the diamond’s value is calculated by the four C’s criteria : Carat, Color, Clarity and finally Cut. So, one should be aware of these four concepts for acquiring the high quality diamond with a good price.

Here are few types of diamond ring designs

Wedding Diamond Ring

wedding diamond ring

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Non Traditional Engagement Rings

non traditional engagement rings

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Diamonds can be found in different colors like yellow, black and champagne. Few among the trendy diamond rings incorporates, Solitaire diamond ring, Halo Engagement Ring, Rose Gold and Double Row or split shanks. Among these the most fashion esteemed is the Solitaire diamond.

Edwardian Style Engagement Ring

edwardian style engagement ring1

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Modern Diamond Design

modern diamond design

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Feminine Diamond Ring Design

feminine diamond ring design1

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Rose Diamond Ring Design

rose diamond ring design1

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Diamond Ring Design

diamond ring design1

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Trillion Shape Diamond Ring Design

trillion shape diamond ring design

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Wedding Diamond Ring Design

wedding diamond ring design

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Fiore Ring Design

fiore ring design

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Floral Diamond Ring Design

floral diamond ring design

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Unique Ring Design

unique ring design

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Engagement Diamond Ring

engagement diamond ring

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Leaf Diamond Ring

leaf diamond ring

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Rose Gold Diamond Ring

rose gold diamond ring

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Clustered Flower Diamond Ring

clustered flower diamond ring

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Flower Diamond Ring

flower diamond ring1

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Black Diamond Engagement Ring

black diamond engagement ring1

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Morganite Diamond Side Halo Ring

morganite diamond side halo ring

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Creative Diamond Ring

creative diamond ring1

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19th Century Diamond Ring Design

19th century diamond ring design1

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Handcrafted Diamond Ring Design

handcrafted diamond ring design

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Swirl Diamond Ring Design

swirl diamond ring design

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Nontraditional Ring Design

untraditional ring design

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Cut Diamond Ring Design

cut diamond ring design1

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Diamond rings are the valuables of jewelry which often become belief in most occasions. One should  know about these diamonds before shopping. As the four Cs (carat, clarity, color and cut) used by the gemologists in estimating the price of diamonds. Most factors includes the shape of the stone, and the metal used for the ring and setting that affects the value and diamond ring appearance. As diamonds are meant for everyone.

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