The rough cut diamond jewelries were worn 3000 years ago by the ancient Hindu women. Diamond earrings became popular from the 18th century onwards. Their brilliance and alluring simplicity has made them a symbol of style, elegance and luxury since then.

Buccellati Р Diamond Earrings

buccellati dimond earrings 1

Fiore Verde Pendant Earrings

fiore verde pendant earrings 1

Button Diamond Earrings

button diamond earrings 1

Now, diamond earrings are available in various shapes, sizes, styles and themes. They are adored for the mesmerizing and dramatic effect that they impart to their wearer. The white diamonds are considered supreme. However, the black, pink, grey, blue, red, orange, purple and brown diamonds are equally beautiful when worn as earrings.

IPPOLITA – Rock Candy – Stella Diamond & Stone

ippolita rock candy stella diamond stone 1

Bony Levy – Flower Button Diamond Earrings

bony levy flower button diamond earrings 1

Bony Levy – Abella Diamond Drop Earrings

bony levy abella diamond drop earrings 1

Bony Lavy – Kiera Pave Diamond Open Circle Drop Earrings

bony lavy kiera pave diamond open circle drop earrings 1

Chopard – Gold and Diamond Earrings

chopard gold and diamond earrings 1

Chopard – Happy Hearts Earrings

chopard happy hearts earrings 1

Chopard – Imperials Lace Earrings

chopard imperiale lace earrings 1

Chopardissimo Earrings

chopardissimo earrings 11

BUCCELLATI – Pendant Earrings Gold with Diamonds

buccellati pendant earrings gold with diamonds 1

BUCCELLATI – Pendant Earrings with Diamonds

buccellati pendant earrings in white gold set with diamonds 1

BUCCELLATI Gold Composed of Garlands and Fans set

buccellati gold composed of garlands and fans set 1

BUCCELLATI – Macri Pendant Earrings

buccellati macri pendant earrings 1

Etoilee Pendant Diamond Earrings

etoilee pendant diamond earrings 1

Maria Pendant Diamond Earrings

maria pendant diamond earrings 1

Ramage Button Diamond Earrings

ramage button diamond earrings 1

White and Yellow Gold with Diamonds

white and yellow gold with diamonds 1

Pendant Earrings in White Gold with Diamonds

pendant earrings in white gold with diamonds 1

Konstantino – Diamond Classics Small Hoop Earrings

konstantino diamond classics small hoop earrings 2

LAGOS – Diamond Lux Diamond Small Hoop Earrings

lagos diamond lux diamond small hoop earrings 1

Konstantino РHermione  Diamond Drop Earrings

konstantino hermione diamond drop earrings 1

Opera Pendant Earrings

opera pendant earrings 1

Stella Alpina Button Earrings

stella alpina button earrings 1

Basically, diamond earrings are of two types. The ones for pierced ears are the diamond wire earrings and the diamond post earrings, and those for non-pierced ears are the diamond clips. Wire earrings have a small wire which passes through the pierced ear to hold them in place. Post earrings have a nut o clutch that supports it on the ear. Studs are post earrings with a single diamond in its end.

A beautiful pair of diamond earrings, especially a chandelier, would be the perfect wear for any once-in-a-lifetime event like engagement or wedding as it denotes that the union is an everlasting one. Diamond earrings are also perfect for any other occasion as they create shine, ambience and sophistication.

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