We have found some of the cutest cube earring designs that might make you want to go shopping right away. These earrings are of different sizes and designs

Cube Stud Earrings

cube stud earrings

This particular cube design has rubies embedded in them because of which they look absolutely stunning. The red shines brightly within the cube making it look like a very delightful pair of earrings. This can be worn for a casual event because they are not very big in size.

Crystal Cube Earrings Design

crystal cube earrings design

Choose your colour because this crystal cube reflects them all and they are definitely stunning. Because it is a crystal each colour will reflect multiple times and makes it look bright and colorful. This design is a complete attention grabber if worn with the perfect dress.

Ice Cube Earrings

ice cube earrings

If you are a fan of frozen and always wanted to own snowflake earrings, this is something close to your dream. These ice cube earrings look very realistic and magical. Make sure you tie back your hair and flaunt this pair of earrings.

Silver Cube Earrings

silver cube earrings

These dangling earrings with multiple cubes in between look elegant. This is fashionable and in vogue. The cubes are rhinestones and make the earrings look lavishing. These can be worn to a party teamed with a long beautiful gown. Tie your hair and show them off.

Black Cube Earrings Design

black cube earrings design

Black defines pure elegance and so do these earrings. These are studs that will make your dress look much more than simple. These earrings are made out of stainless steel. Bullet earrings are something similar to this. Overall these are delightful pair of studs.

Dangle Cube Earrings

dangle cube earrings

This is a vintage design that looks graceful. The cube design is red in color and has a golden tinge to it that makes it look magnificent. The dangler is made of copper too and makes the cube design look more glorious to look at. Since it is vintage, store it for the best occasions and wear it and flaunt it off with pride.

Vintage Cube Earrings

vintage cube earrings

Turquoise is a colour that is stylish, chic and charming. This are simple but are so pretty to look at. These are vintage pair and the drop downs are so simple and sleek which makes it look even more gorgeous. This design is definitely to be worn for special occasions because you will be getting a lot of attention.

Double Sided Cube Earrings

double sided cube earrings

Double-sided earrings are in fashion these days where the earring design is seen on both ends of your ear. This particular earring is sleek and fashionable. The cube in the end is made of marble whereas the chain is in silver. It is simple but alluring.

Cube Earrings for Men

cube earrings for men

Men earrings are in fashion these days. Gone are the days where only women get to pierce their ear and flaunt pretty earrings off. These cube design earrings that look like dumbbells if you look closely are perfect for men because they are small and stylish.

Deep Red Cube Earrings

deep red cube earrings

Dainty Black Cube Earrings

dainty black cube earrings

Lavender Cube Earrings

lavender cube earrings

Candy Prinkles Cube Earrings

candy sprinkles cube earrings

Be it any form, bullet earrings or cross earring, they can all be made with the cube design and look quite splendid. The design might be simple but cubes do add a lot of beauty into a design.

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