To all the ladies who are fond of jewellery designs, especially earrings, here is interesting information for all. All ladies love to wear earrings for all occasions like school, colleges, birthday parties, festivals, etc. One earring once used is not used again. There are many types of designs in the market. So we have a wide range to select from.

Crystal earrings are the one’s which goes with almost all types of outfits like casuals, formals, and also traditional. Fruit designed earrings are new in the market and by now have captured by almost all parts of the jewellery stores. Since fruit earrings are trending they are designed with so many fruit options. But hang them don’t eat them!

Well since we all know that tropical regions are near the equator. But let’s not get into that. Pineapple is a tropical fruit and here we have a beautiful fruit designed earring. Ladies can wear these earring designs regularly and also for beach outings.

Peach is a very delicious and a juicy fruit. But did you know earring designers would fix it in earrings? A peach fruit earring is different from regular earrings it can be small studs as well as hanging, anything you choose to wear will be a perfect choice. You may also see Flower Earrings

Dried Fruit Earrings

dried fruit earrings

Fruit earrings have always been the centre of attraction since they are very much different from the regular designs. When fruits dry and the way they look are designed into earring it is different from other fruit designs. Dried fruits earring look beautiful.

Cute Fruit Stud Earrings

cute fruit stud earrings

Small studs have always been in fashion for a very long time. Studs are very much comfortable to carry everywhere even for household works or even outdoor. Fruits merged in small studs are very cute designs and ladies of all age level can go for it. Small school going girls can also do this fashion even in schools.

Fruit Loop Earrings

fruit loop earrings

Fruit loops have been heard of and eaten in breakfast cereals, but earrings are also made out of this design. Hanging earring of fruit loop looks very tasty. You should definitely buy one.

Fruit Slice Earrings

fruit slice earrings

We all have eaten fruit plates, fruit salads, right? But fruit slices can be used for designs of earrings. This concept is just amazing and out of the world. Fruit slice earrings are suitable for all occasions.

Fruit Clip On Earrings

fruit clip on earrings

Here we have clips on fruit earrings so that it is convenient for all ladies to wear and carry it for parties also.

Kiwi Fruit Earrings Design

kiwi fruit earrings design

Kiwi is not just a delicious fruit but it also looks very beautiful. Kiwi is used in many food recipes. Now imagine a kiwi fruit on earrings. It is a rare idea. So if you hang a kiwi designed earring in your ear, people will turn heads to see the different design.

Apple Fruit Earrings

apple fruit earrings

Apple a day keep the doctor away, everyone has heard this saying. But apple on an earring is very awesome. It is almost everyone’s favourite fruit. Green and red apple can be fixed in earring, studs or hangings too. It can be fixed in rose gold earrings also. It will look stunning. You may also see Peacock Earrings

Pineapple Fruit Earrings Idea

pineapple fruit earrings idea

Crystal Stud Fruit Earrings

crystal stud fruit earrings

Gold Plated Fruit Earrings

gold plated fruit earrings

Banana Fruit Earrings Idea

banana fruit earrings idea

Grape Drop Earrings Design

grape drop earrings design

Watermelon Slice Fruit Earrings

watermelon slice fruit earrings

Cute Cherry Fruit Earrings

cute cherry fruit earrings

Pretty Banana Bunch Earrings

pretty banana bunch earrings

Polymer Clay Fruit Earrings

polymer clay fruit earrings

Amongst many fashion ideas, this is a totally different concept, complete different innovation. It looks good and is suitable for all occasions as per choice. There is also FUNNY EARRINGS concept in the market but fruit earring designs decent and sober.

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