Purple is a colour with which a feeling of royalty is associated. There are many ways to adorn your bathing space with splashes of this classic colour. If you are living in an old house, you can renovate your bathroom just by adding purple shower curtains, floor mats, and soap dishes with purple as the theme colour. You can amp up the classic look of your bathroom simply by putting few photos with purple shades.

Vintage Style Purple Bathroom Design

vinatge style purple bathroom design


Royal Purple Master Bathroom

royal purple master bathroom


Glam Purple Bathroom Design

glam purple bathroom design


Purple is the colour which makes your living space a royal retreat. Among the trendiest purple shades from which you can choose your palette are – royal lilac, soothing lavender, funky amethyst and deep eggplant. A blend of two or three shades on the various corners of your bathroom will make it look unique and elegant. Fixtures are now available in various colours from which you can choose those match well with the background.

Purple Beautiful Bathroom Design

purple beautiful bathroom design1


Sophisticated Purple Bathroom Design

sophisticated purple bathroom design


Master Purple Bathroom Design

master purple bathroom design

Tyrrell and Laing International Freestanding Bathtub

Fabulous Purple Bathroom Design

fablous purple bathroom


Royal lilac is the commonest shade of purple chosen in most households. It gives you the fresh feeling of lavender and soothes your eyes. Using silver fixtures in your purple bathroom will make the entire area look majestic and attractive. In a master bath, you can use purple tiles of lighter and deeper shades for the wall and floor. Purple stripped wallpapers and purple cabinets are some of the options for a purple bathroom design.

Spa Like Purple Bathroom Design

spa like purple bathroom design


Eclectic Purple Bathroom Design

eclectic purple bathroom design


Lavishing Purple Bathroom Design

lavishing purple bathroom design


Amazing Purple Bathroom Design

amazing purple bathroom design


Classic Purple Bathroom Design

classic purple bathroom design


Stunning Purple Bathroom Design

stunning purple bathroom design


Decorative Purple Bathroom Design

decorative purple bathroom design

Count & Castle Interior Design

Pretty Purple Bathroom Design

pretty purple bathroom design


Traditional Purple Bathroom Design

traditional purple bathroom design


Simple Purple Bathroom

simple purple bathroom


Shade Purple Bathroom Design

light purple bathroom design


Chic Purple Bathroom Design

chic purple bathroom design


Modish Purple Bathroom Design

modish purple bathroom design


Dark Purple Bathroom Design

well purple bathroom design


Light Purple Shade Bathroom Design

light purple shade bathroom design


Classy Purple Bathroom Design

classy purple bathroom design


Contemporary Purple Bathroom Design

contemporary purple bathroom design


For choosing economic and useful bathroom furnishing there are various magazines and websites that gives you an idea how to deck up your old bathroom or even how to furnish your new bathroom.

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