A Modern Bathtub can be innovatively designed to provide a great look to your bathroom. In fact, bathrooms are one of the most personalised areas of your home. Bathtubs are common in all modern bathrooms, but a little innovation can create stylish designs in the bathtubs. Clawfoot bathtubs are not only stylish, but also elegant.

You may come across different variations of bathtub designs, and here are ten exclusive Clawfoot Bathtub Ideas that you will find classy.

Antique Clawfoot Bathtub Idea

antique clawfoot bathtub idea

Design by Mark Sullivan Fine Custom Homes Inc.

Wrought iron accessories have their own class of elegance. When you have an antique bathtub with wrought iron clawfoot, you gain considerable uniqueness in your bathroom. The bathtub has an overhead shower and the colour contrast of black and white in the bathroom accessory looks great.

Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

cast iron clawfoot bathtub

Design by Lifeseven Photography

When you want a sloid look in the bathtub, you can buy a clawfoot made of cast iron. The blue bathtub complements the dark colour of the clawfoot. These accessories are ideal in rooms with freestanding roofs. A white interior in the bathroom will serve the purpose well.

Vintage Clawfoot Bathtub

vintage clawfoot bathtub


When you have a vintage look in your bathroom with glass block windows and sophisticated interiors, you need a matching clawfoot bathtub to complement the looks. In this particular bathtub, you will find a dark coloured clawfoot supporting the tub, slightly depressed in the middle. This bathtub goes well with oil-rubbed bronze faucets in the bathroom.

Small Clawfoot Bathtub Idea

small clawfoot bathtub idea


Pedestal bathtubs are popular in bathrooms with limited space. When you have a mosaic floor in the bathroom, you can go for a matching porcelain bathtub. This bathroom accessory goes well with a porcelain sink. Place indoor plants and related furniture in the bathroom for an ideal interior. You can also see Zen Bathroom Designs

Corner Clawfoot Bathtub

corner clawfoot bathtub

Design by Lifeseven Photography

Spacious bathrooms find the right accessory in clawfoot bathtubs placed in a corner. With other sophisticated objects like pedestal sink and corner shower screen, the elongated bathtub finds the right compatibility. The tub access panels and neo tiles in the room look complementary to each other.

Black Clawfoot Bathtub

black clawfoot bathtub


The black clawfoot bathtub shines in its own elegance. These goes well with tiled walls in the room. The bathtub has a grey exterior and white interior and goes well with the grey tiles in the room. A vanity countertop and glass door make the look of the bathroom complete.

Modern Clawfoot Bathtub

modern clawfoot bathtub


Bathrooms with luxurious interiors need a matching accessory for a seamless bath. When you have a wood-coloured floor in a spacious bathroom, go for the latest models of bathtubs. The bright colour of the bathtub goes well with white walls in the room. Suspend a mid-sized chandelier in the room for better looks.

Copper Clawfoot Bathtub

copper clawfoot bathtub


If you are a lover of antiquity, you would love to get in touch with a copper clawfoot bathtub. The metallic lustre of the bathtub is complemented with metal ball chain curtains in the windows. There are arched windows in the bathroom and the copper moulds look elegant when you incorporate this design in the bathroom.

Rustic Clawfoot Bathtub

rustic clawfoot bathtub


There are people who look out for rustic interior for their bathrooms. There are barn wood walls in the bathroom. Grey bathtubs look compatible with the bathroom. There are lace curtains in the bathroom, perfectly complemented with an embroidered-style floor. Grey-blue paints in the walls look great with this setting.

Acrylic Clawfoot Bathtub

acrylic clawfoot bathtub


When you have a spacious bathroom, rectangular in shape, go for the acrylic clawfoot bathtub design. In this case, you will find dark brown furniture ideal for the setting. You can have a brown border in the bright tiled floor and the same colour is used in the curtains and mirror frames.

Traditional Clawfoot Bathtub Idea

traditional clawfoot bathtub idea


Classic Clawfoot Bathtub Design

classic clawfoot bathtub design


Sunlight Clawfoot Bathtub Idea

sunlight clawfoot bathtub idea


Victorian Clawfoot Bathtub Idea

victorian clawfoot bathtub idea


Window Side Clawfoot Bathtub Idea

window side clawfoot bathtub idea


Luxury Clawfoot Bathtub Design

luxury clawfoot bathtub design


White Clawfoot Bathtub Design

white clawfoot bathtub design


Asian Clawfoot Bathtub Design

asian clawfoot bathtub design


When you desire to mould your Clawfoot Bathtub Ideas to perfection, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the interior design ideas. there are Bathtub Tile themes, rustic looks for the bathtubs, acrylic finishes and porcelain clawfoot bathtubs available today. You can come up with a brand new idea as well, and when you do so, you can share those ideas with us.

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