Ever wondered how even a dark themed living room too can look enchanting and inviting? It’s surprisingly true that even dark color patterns can add drama to your rather plain and dumb living room scheme. However, you need to be able to pick up the right combination of hues. It is the design that will meet your need of creating a dynamic space and add a quaint charm to it. The lighting and layout too matters and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Let’s take a look at some example to understand how to create the best dark themed living rooms.

Small Dark Living Room Design

small dark living room design


This example interestingly shows how a small space can exude a rich charm with a dark theme. The dark colored walls and flooring is perfectly balanced by the gray furnishing and wall décor. One may even choose to include warm lighting into the picture to make a stunning statement after dark.

Dark Wood Living Room

dark wood living room

Design By Roberta Murray

Dark wood, especially cherry red and mahogany red, always creates a rustic charm that everyone would fall in love with. A reflection of sophistication, this dark themed room is certainly an extravagant décor to complete. You can also see Green Living Room Designs

Dark Living Room Furniture

dark living room furniture


To create a richer looking environment against lighter themed walls requires a sophisticated choice of furniture. Don’t just look for chairs and tables that come in dark wood but also look out for the designs they come in. the more unique the shape and construction, the more special is the ambiance you create in your home.

Dark Accent Wall Living Room

dark accent wall living room

Design By Design Shop

The dark accent walls, as shown in this example, rightly denote the charm of modern living. Using a dark colored layout against one of the walls, you can create a separate space in your living room. The use of warm and strong lights to illuminate the corners is a necessary addition here.

Dark Brown Living Room Idea

dark brown living room idea


A chocolate themed living room is rightly established by the use of a lot of rich timber in the construction. Go for red oak ceiling, mahogany furnishing, warm ceiling lights and a fireplace to complete the picture.

Blue Living Room Design

blue living room design


A dark blue living room scheme can also be exciting, as long as you choose to balance it with lighter inclusions. Here, the dark blue walls are rightly contrasted with the rich brown flooring and the white ceiling. This would also make a perfect space for teenagers.

Victorian Dark Living Room

victorian dark living room


Contrary to modern living room design schemes, a Victorian décor demands a highly rustic arrangement. If you are a lover of history and want to live in it, this example perfect shows the way. Using royal furnishing, wallpapers, a lot of wood, exquisite chandeliers and big paintings, you can rightly move back to the Victorian age.

Traditional Dark Living Room Idea

traditional dark living room idea


This is a living room that comes to life using a lot of wood and rustic themed furnishing. Everything in this living room is a hue of brown chocolate! Well, the good thing is that it’s easy to be replicated!

Classic Dark Grey Living Room

classic dark grey living room


Dark living rooms themes can be classy too. Just ensure that you have unique and adequate lighting, big glass windows and a plush seating arrangement.

Dark Living Room Interiors

dark living room interiors


Dark Living Room Chandelier

dark living room chandlier


Dark Wooden Living Room Interior

dark wooden living room interior


Dark Living Room Slop Ceiling

dark living room slop ceiling


Dark Living Dining Room Combo

dark living dining room combo


Dark Wooden Drop Ceiling

dark wooden drop ceiling


Hardwood Dark Living Room Ceiling

hardwood dark living room ceiling


Black Living Room Design

black living room design


All the examples above show how extravagant and exquisite dark themed living rooms can be. If you too are looking to build yourself a brown living room, pick up the several cues we have mentioned here. We would definitely like to see how you go about it!

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