Using WordPress themes changes the appearance and layout of your website. This is what the visitors will see upon browsing your website. WordPress themes are strongly built for every user but keep in mind that it is beyond just color and layout. It is how a user navigates and engages with your website’s content.

If you are looking for themes beyond travel, we’ve listed these WordPress themes & templates ranging from responsive types to the corporate business themes. All WordPress themes are available on the web and some are provided with demos so users could test them beforehand.

Travel Booking WordPress

travel booking wordpress

Accommodation Travel WordPress Theme Design

accommodation travel wordpress theme design

Travel  WP Theme

travel wp theme

Hotel WordPress Template

hotel wordpress template

Tour & Travel WordPress Theme

tour travel wordpress theme

Things to consider when selecting WordPress themes

  • Simplicity is a go-to since it has a clear composition of elements and it is the best rule in design. Focus on looking for a theme that is aesthetically pleasing without having to compromise the usability and simplicity.
  • Choose to be responsive. It is not an option anymore. This is necessary for all websites and apps because responsive themes adjust their layout to different screen sizes and widths of devices. WordPress themes are responsive by default, making them website-ready and mobile-friendly.
  • Compatibility. Choose a theme that is compatible with different browsers. Keep in mind that not all users utilize the same browsers and there might be problems in other browsers. So, check your chosen themes on different browsers and on mobile too, just to be sure that the usability of your theme and website won’t be compromised.
  • Consider the user’s opinions. In this case, do consider other people’s opinions regarding your chosen WordPress theme. You could use this as a guide that the theme’s quality is on-point and is commonly utilized by their users.

What we have in here is a wide selection of templates and themes. Down below, we have hotel WordPress themes that ensure high quality of its own.

Travel & Booking WP Theme

travel booking wp theme

Hotel Booking Themes

hotel booking themes

Responsive Hotel and Resort Theme

responsive hotel and resort theme

Travel Guide WordPress Template

travel guide wordpress template

Love Travel WordPress Theme

love travel wordpress theme

Hotel & Resort WP Theme

hotel resort wp theme design

What WordPress theme is that?

The good thing about WordPress is that it creates a broad range of themes catering to different audiences. The following are WordPress themes pertaining to travel:

  • For travel agencies and agents, the Travel Booking WordPress, Tour & Travel WordPress Theme, Love Travel WordPress Theme, and Travel & Booking WP Theme are up for utilization.
  • Have a great impact on your potential guests by using these following templates: Hotel WordPress Template, Hotel Booking Themes, Responsive Hotel and Resort Theme and Hotel & Resort WP Theme. These templates offer a fully integrated request forms and they showcase your hotels wonderfully.
  • To offer a seamless travel accommodation service, the Accommodation Travel WordPress Theme Design is up for grabs. It is a fully responsive theme, single page project and offers an easy set-up.
  • If you are looking for WordPress themes for your travel blog and guide, look no further. Travel WP Theme, Travel Guide WordPress Template, and Travel Blog WP Theme are great choices for the moderntraveler.

In relation to Travel WordPress themes, we have a fully booked list on the best transport portfolios. Bask in and take a guide on these transport wp themes.

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