If you’re a health buff and sports enthusiast who wants to share your passion to the world through a blog, it’s best to invest in a sports WordPress theme that does not only align your design and content but also to show a little bit of your personality through the overall look of your blog.

Given that smartphones are widely used as an alternative to desktop today sometimes to the point of being used more often, we also encourage you to invest in a responsive WordPress theme to cater to as many readers online without the added hassle when they are shifting gears.

Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

gym and fitness wordpress theme

Importance of a Blog Theme

To boost your blog’s optimum potential, make sure that you have a full-screen WordPress theme. This is basically giving a win-win situation between you and your readers by letting you maximize your blog while allowing your readers to have a hassle-free experience in every site visit.

A full screen WordPress theme allows your blog to be in full-screen mode, regardless if your audience is viewing it through a desktop or a smartphone. Meaning, whether you are using your trusty android or iPhone, or sitting comfortably in front of your desktop, you will be able to see the whole blog in full-screen mode with all of its main elements intact.

Before your readers actually absorb the content of your blog, their first impression relies on your theme and the general look of your website. If it’s cluttered and unpleasing to the eyes, it’s safe to bet that they won’t even try to read one article even if it’s matter-loaded with eye-opening facts and inspiring life hacks to reach their #bodygoals.

Some themes that are really pretty (of course, beauty is subjective) are usually to be bought for a certain price. But here’s awesome news for you: you don’t have to compromise with a free eyesore theme just to save a few bucks. Luckily today, there are still good Samaritans over the web that gives all of us fair access to countless beautiful and free WordPress themes – which you don’t have to look for any further, just click the link and we’ll take you there!

Fitness Event WordPress Theme

fitness event wordpress theme

Health and Fitness WP

health and fitness wp

Responsive Fitness WordPress Theme

responsive fitness wordpress theme

Why Should I Download WordPress Themes?

Bloggers or even people who have blogs on the side, aren’t really that much lucky to have the extra time to devote into modifying an existing theme to match that of their blogs’ theme. At the same time, some of those who take blogging as a full-time job don’t really have the required skills to customize their blog as to fit their genre.

So what is there left to do?

You take the time to search for a theme that goes perfectly well with the topics that you’ll market about. Here’s a pro tip: Don’t go any further. We have a lot of various themes you can choose from. I’m sure there’s one that fits your personality and content altogether.

It’s been mentioned in the earlier paragraphs how important matching your theme is to your content because, again, it all adds up to the general look of your blog. Besides, it doesn’t really match if your blog is for retail business but the current theme houses photography posts better, right? In the case where your blog is more for business purposes, you should get rid of your current theme and check out these business WordPress themes that are neat, sleek and modern, instead. You’re welcome!

You’ve already seen in this article the bunch of different themes fit for FITNESS blogs. It varies from food-focused, yoga-focused, and other subtopic blogs under the fitness category. Although these themes are already set to start you up with a hassle-free theme jump, they are still fully customizable for your liking.

Fitness Training WordPress

fitness training wordpress

Fitness Studio WordPress Theme

fitness studio wordpress theme

Nutrition & Weight Loss WP

nutrition weight loss wp

Psychology of Colors in a Theme

If you’re still unsure of which theme should you go with from the wide array of choices, we recommend going for theme colors according to the mood you want to set for your readers.

Check out these wildly use colors for fitness blogs and the effects they have in the psychological state of your audience:

  • Red. This warm color relates to power, strength, energy, and the stimulation of the “fight or flight” mind set. We suggest to use this theme color if the meat of your content is to encourage your readers to “go big or go home” on bulking up at the gym or around that tone. Red tends to stimulate aggressiveness and raises the pulse rate.
  • Blue. This cool color reflects calmness, coolness, and serenity. We recommend a blue-toned blog theme if your blogs speaks of recreational fitness activities that promotes peace of mind and overall calmness, such as yoga. According to the psychology of colors, blue in softer hues aids in concentration while blue of stronger hues helps in clearing the mind, and overall, the color blue is soothing and relaxing to the human eyes. These are some of the reasons why most minimalist WordPress theme are in blue, if not white.
  • White. This color represents purity, hygiene, and cleanliness. It’s best to pair this with a blog that’s about food or healthy eating lifestyle. A white theme also helps your food shots stand out by making the interaction of the colors pop up. White also represents sterility and efficiency making it one of the household colors for medical WordPress themes.

Fully Functional Fitness WordPress

fully functional fitness wordpress

Fitness Zone WordPress Theme

fitness zone wordpress theme

Fitness Magazine WP

fitness magazine wp

In Conclusion…

With the heightened population of people suffering from diseases because of malnutrition and/or obesity, fitness blogs are considered gems by those who want to live a longer, stronger and fuller lives whilst alive. But no matter how interested these potential blog fans could be, their interest may die down if you’re blog looks cramped or messy because after all, we are mostly visual people. So, while you work hard on your content, work hard on your themes as well.

Remember that in creating and keeping a cohesive blog, whether personal, for business, or just about whatever, themes should go hand-in-hand with the blog content – it’s been repeated so many times in this article because it is that important. So if you’re looking for corporate WordPress themes or other themes for the matter, that’s for another set of gallery.

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