Men’s grooming is no more just limited to plain everyday brushing and combing, from guyliner to man buns and man braids, we today have a number of men giving us makeup goals better than many makeup artists in the industry. From perfecting the intricate and sexy cat eyes to subtle strobing, contouring and much more, we have today compiled a list of 10 male beauty bloggers who create the flawless looks with surgical precision.

1. Thomas Halbert

thomas halbert


Thomas Halbert’s artistic eye makeup does not just guarantee a stunning appearance but also ensures that you enjoy some potential head turns in the party or the event visited.

2. Jonathan Curtis

jonathan curtis


Makeup artist, Jonathan Curtis’s Instagram handle @JonJonTalks is known widely in the makeup world for the no-makeup makeup look and also the perfect statement eye look. We sure would like to pick up his tip for our next special outing.

3. Manny Gutierrez

manny gutierrez


If it was not for Guiterrez, who would know stubble and strobing could work so well together? Along with his stunning face makeup, his eyeshadow in warm, neutral tones too grasps our attention. He also has created a limited edition makeup palette for Makeup Geek.

4. Patrick Starrr

patrick starrr


Known for his fierce and bold looks, Starrr has somehow managed to make sure that his fierce nail art always matches even bolder face makeup.

5. Alex Faction Makeup

alex faction makeup


Makeup artist Alex Faction gives his heavy metal fans the perfect and glamorous transformation with his shimmery eyeshadow looks that are equally glamorous and glitzy. His celebrity transformations and the special effect makeup are out of the world.

6. Jake-Jamie Ward

jake jamie ward


Beauty vlogger @makeupbyjakejamie has blemishes, dark circles, and uneven skin tone just like some us ladies. His makeup focuses on creating a more natural foundation with concealer to hide all the little imperfections flawlessly.

7. Jeffree Star

jeffree star


Feeling comfortable in his masculinity, Starr loves to wear rosy hues and looks gorgeous with the pretty pink lip and subtle and complementary eye makeup. The beauty guru’s makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics makes some of the most pigmented highlighters, eye shadows, and liquid lipsticks.

8. James Charles

james charles


Extremely good with experimental looks, 17-year-old James Charles is known to break barriers both in the beauty industry and its portrayal. James is the first male ambassador for the brand Covergirl. The artist’s badass brown lips and bold brown are definitely rebellious.

Arabia Felix’s Instagram account provides drag and cosplay-inspired makeup that will bring a drama to your chosen look of the day.

If you are looking for a very killer technique that also gives you some time-saving beauty hacks, then you definitely need to look at the Instagram account of @thegabrielzamora. The cerulean-haired vlogger also gives the viewers some of the best long lasting makeup tips.

Take inspiration from these beautiful and crafty men and go forward and create few of the most elegant and glamorous looks.

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