Designing safety icons can take up the precious time you need for other things as a designer. That is why you simply need to go for already designed creative icons for safety. The old type is mainly designed with black and white colours. That can easily limit designers in their choice and design as not all designs require black and colour icons in it. This is the reason for introduction of current design with great improvement. You may also see Security Icons

Reflective Vest Icon

reflective vest icon

First Aid Kit Safety Icon

first aid kit safety icon

Danger and Warning Icons

danger and warning icons

Current design trends safety images are designed with suitable colour options. In fact, just with the colour viewers will understand that they need to be conscious of safety where it is pasted. Another thing is that the resolution use in the current designs made it easy to be incorporated in different kind graphics and designs. The possible colours include: Red, Yellow, blue and others. You may also see Emergency Icons

Safety Alert Icon

safety alert icon

Emergency Safety Icons

emergency safety icons

Air Bag Safety Icon

air bag safety icon

Safety Icons Set

safety icons set

Protection Shield Icon

protection shield icon

Fire Safety Icons

fire safety icons

Under Construction Icons Set

under construction icons set

Fire Extinguisher Icon

fire extinguisher icon

Safety icons come in many types representing different safety needs. Among them include: Electrostatic safety images, steam warning, fire extinguisher, hot warning signal, rescue and emergency and others.

Seat Belt Icon

seat belt icon

Frontal Ambulance Safety Icon

frontal ambulance safety icon

Fire Axe Safety Icon

fire axe safety icon

Free Safety Icon

free safety icon

Face Protection Icon

face protection icon

Electric Socket Safety Icon

electric socket safety icon

Flash Light Safety Icon

flash light safety icon

Worker Helmet Safety Icon

worker helmet safety icon

If what you are designing require fire safety, you can use fire extinguisher image. The hot warning signal will help to warn against a hot substance like iron and others. The electrostatic safety icons can help to show electrostatic danger in a particular place. You may also see Lock Icons

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