Halloween is time to be spooky or scary and what better way to embrace this occasion than with Dracula makeup. With white and black face makeup, blood dripping lips and some temporary fangs you too can rock this look! While Halloween makeup can be cute especially for girls, those looking for a terrifying dramatic effect can opt for Dracula makeup designs.

Whether for Halloween or Stage Theater, there’s a Dracula makeup that will bring out that scary effect.

Bride Dracula Makeup

bride dracula makeup


If simplicity is what you prefer, then go for this bride Dracula makeup. What we love about this design is its easy application! All you need is to splash some red face paint around the mouth and add some fangs.

Baby Dracula Makeup

baby dracula makeup


Kids who love scary movies can opt for baby Dracula makeup to complete their Halloween costume. To recreate this design apply thick black makeup on your eyebrows and under the eyes then apply white makeup to the rest of the face.

This Dracula makeup is perfect for couples who want to have fun during Halloween. You too can achieve the creepy effect by applying red makeup around the mouths edges to achieve that vampire blood dripping effect.

Dracula Horror Face Makeup

dracula horror face makeup1


This is one of those complicated Dracula makeup’s that need to be done by a professional to achieve that haunting effect. Teenagers going for Halloween or adults who love demon themes can opt for this scary demon mask.

Scary Dracula Makeup

scary dracula makeup


The trick to achieving a scary effect in this design is to never forget to add temporary fangs. Suitable for ladies performing in theater, the red lipstick and thick black makeup under the eyes helps produce the cute yet intimidating effect.

Classic Dracula Makeup

classic dracula makeup


Ladies who love the gothic theme can go for this subtle classic Dracula makeup to enhance their looks. What’s unique about this makeup is you can rock it around town and you’ll still be cool and the center of attention.

This men’s Dracula makeup idea is perfect for those individuals who need to transform their face during a stage performance. To recreate this body art use red makeup to design bleeding eyes and apply white and black makeup on the face.

Dracula Half Face Makeup

dracula half face makeup


This Dracula half face makeup is ideal for people who don’t want to color their whole face or for kids who want to incorporate the Cyborg design on their body art. It uses black, white and red face makeup.

Skull Dracula Makeup

skull dracula makeup


This simple makeup incorporates both the skull and Dracula theme. For this body, art applies black makeup around your eyes, on the bridge of the nose and the cheekbones. Then add black and white makeup around the lips.

Dracula Gothic Makeup Idea

dracula gothic makeup idea


Dracula Costume Makeup

dracula costume makeup


Apply white face paint on your entire face and using black eye shadow define your eyes including eyebrows. For the lips apply a red lipstick and complete the Dracula look by wearing white contact lenses and fangs.

Dracula Eye Makeup Idea

dracula eye makeup idea


Dracula Lipstick and Eyes Look

drucula lipstick and eyes look


One of the scariest looks for Halloween is the Dracula makeup. Suitable for all skin tones, the more makeup you apply, the better you achieve the realistic vampire look. For this look, you need a foundation as the base, loose white powder, temporary vampire fangs, red stain lips and black eyeliner

Whether you love the gothic style, or you just want a cool look for Halloween or costume party, the Dracula makeup can help you take center stage. Men can opt for black eye makeup while women can add red lipstick to achieve the look. With a Dracula makeup, you will spook everyone.

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